13 Black British YouTubers you need to subscribe to right now

13 October 2020, 17:22

13 Black British YouTubers from that need to be on your radar.
13 Black British YouTubers from that need to be on your radar. Picture: @nellarose via Instagram, @thepatriciabright via Instagram, @gratsikat via Instagram
Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

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October is Black History Month in the UK and throughout the month – and beyond – we're all looking for more ways to support Black creators.

It's time to amplify Black voices in all sectors, particularly YouTube. That means liking, subscribing and following Black creators that have been notoriously overlooked on the platform. But you might be in need of a little inspo. So here's some of the best Black YouTubers in the UK that you need to subscribe to right now.

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1) Nella Rose

For fashion inspiration and some serious laughs, look no further than Nella Rose. Nella covers everything from unboxing to reaction videos and more.

2) Patricia Bright

If you're after hilarious beauty reviews, tutorials and hauls, Patricia Bright needs to be on your radar. She has almost 3 million subscribers on her main YouTube channel and she also has another channel, The Break, giving much-needed financial advice.

3) Annie Drea

With a loyal following of almost 150,000 YouTube subscribers, Annie's hair tutorials, funny stories and fashion hauls paired with her editing skills will have you rolling around your bedroom floor with laughter.

4) Melachild

Melachild is the queen of a striking makeup lewk and she creates some of the most stunning glam looks on her channel.

5) Jennie Jenkins

Jennie Jenkins is one of the OG YouTubers in the UK and an absolute must-follow for all your beauty, hair and fashion needs.

6) Mikai McDermott

If you follow Mikai McDermott on Instagram, you'll know her wig game is unmatched. Her YouTube is full to the brim with handy GRWM vids, vlogs and styling hauls.

7) Samantha Maria

If you're looking to get truly invested in a YouTuber's life, Samantha Maria's content covers all bases. She has videos on everything from travel and beauty to style and her life as a mother.

8) Gratsi

You're going to have some serious hair, clothing, makeup, holiday and general life envy if you're tuning into Gratsi and her uber-glam content.

9) Mariam Musa

Mariam Musa is your go-to for all things beauty, fashion and lifestyle. From house tours, to styling hauls and makeup tutorials, Mariam's got you covered.

10) Uche Natori

Prepare to be absolutely obsessed with Uche Natori's glowy makeup looks. Follow for step-by-step tutorials that will seriously elevate your makeup game.

11) Only Bells

You're going to lose a lot of hours watching Only Bells' beauty tutorials. Follow for all things makeup as well as hilarious vlogs.

12) Tasha Green

Boasting over 150,000 subscribers, you're going to fall in love with Tasha Green's style vlogs and honest chats.

13) Chanel Ambrose

Looking for some serious plus-size fashion inspiration? Chanel Ambrose is the YouTuber for you.