You Can Now Be Insured As A Professional YouTuber

16 February 2016, 16:51 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

YouTuber Risks

By Victoria Pavlova

Vlogger, Blogger, Tweeter and YouTuber are all real jobs now.

Attention, internet people (and the rest of the world): YouTuber is a completely legit job now. And so are "vlogger", "blogger" and "tweeter". You can even be insured as one, according to the Association of British Insurers. Yeah, we fell asleep by the end of that sentence too. 

So um... what do y'all think the workplace risks of being a blogger really are? It's a pretty dangerous job. For example:

1) Your blender breaks mid "My Morning Routine" filming, meaning you'd have to chop bananas by hand. DANGEROUS BUSINESS.

2) Your camera battery might run out, forcing you to hit the shops and expose your delicate, vitamin D-deprived form to the elements. RISKY.

3) You could get mauled by adoring fans... HAZARDOUS.

4) Everyone knows that fairy lights are a well-known fire hazard. And combined with all those flammable hair products? Disaster waiting to happen.

5) Two words: challenge videos.

Whatever Tyler was about to drink in this gif, we hope he has health insurance.

6) Literally any prank video has the potential for spectacular failure.

7) On a lighter note, you could get buried under your endless piles of fanmail.

8) Excessive book-writing could result in injury, ya know. Carpal tunnel is no joke.

9) Collabs are actually really dangerous.

10) And even friendly beef can lead to a fight online. Serious stuff.

Literally anything can happen!