These BookTubers Will Help You Boss Up Your Bookshelves

10 November 2015, 13:29 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09


By Victoria Pavlova

Let's talk about books, baby.

Come along on a journey to one of YouTube’s least explored realms – the BookTube community. 

BookTubers talk about books, they read books, they review books and sometimes they even write them. It’s kind of like the beauty community, except with less lipstick and more books. This’ll be fun, I promise.

And if you’re already a regular viewer and turn to BookTubers for all your reading list needs, here are five current faves you need to check out.

Megan Olivier

Megan is an 19-year-old vlogger and a rare one in the YouTube gang in that she sticks to lit vids.  She reads mostly contemporary, sci-fi and fantasy YA, so if that’s your schtick, you’ll find some highly informative reviews here.

Rincey Reads

Rince is a book vlogger from the US, who doesn’t tend to follow genre restrictions, so you’ll find a mashup of curious reads on her channel. She also does a fair few reading challenges, if you’re a competitive sort of person (competitive reading, the sport of the millennium.)


Disclaimer: Sanne, aka Booksandquills is actually something of a celeb in the BookTube world, but she makes this list for the sheer delight that are her videos. Everything is blue and white and nothing hurts. Highlights include her thorough knowledge about upcoming titles, insights on publishing work and interviews with cool literary peeps.

Kristina Horner

Kristina, the artist formerly known as italktosnakes, has gone through many YouTube identities before she found her niche in BookTube. She now makes reviews, recommendations and monthly recap videos – aka everything a young and confused YA reader needs to get started in the community. Highlights include ridiculously motivational NaNoWriMo videos, dangerously high amounts of pep, comic books, outdoor adventures.


Stevie is an indigenous, somewhat hairy life form that favours a warm, dry habitat with plenty of shelves and a sturdy reading lamp, according to her YouTube bio. On her channel you will find in-depth (seriously, be prepared to get all existential) discussions about books and goings-on in the YouTube community. She specialises in YA and books, set in boarding schools because obviously. 

This has been your primer on the BookTube community. Have we missed your fave? Let us know in the comments below. 

As you were. 


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