Bretman Rock launches free OnlyFans after Instagram deletes his nudes

17 November 2020, 11:06 | Updated: 18 November 2020, 18:23

By Sam Prance

Bretman Rock decided to set up his own OnlyFans profile after Instagram kept on deleting his nudes.

Bretman Rock fans assemble. The social media icon has decided to launch his own OnlyFans page and it's completely free.

Bretman Rock is a superstar. Ever since the 22-year-old first rose to fame via YouTube, people have fallen in love with his hilarious sense of humour, incredible beauty skills and entertaining videos. Over the course of the past few years alone, Bretman has won multiple awards, including Beauty Influencer of the Year at the People's Choice Awards.

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Now Bretman is adding to his impressive resumé with a new OnlyFans page where he will share his own nudes with fans.

Bretman Rock launches free OnlyFans to post his nudes
Bretman Rock launches free OnlyFans to post his nudes. Picture: Gregg DeGuire/Getty Images for Bretman Rock, @rock_bottom4 via OnlyFans

Taking to Instagram stories yesterday (Nov 16), Bretman revealed: "Also today I had a realisation that I'm gonna make a free OnlyFans to post my nudes." He then continued: "I'm doing all these motherfucking squats, my ass is so fat, and no one is seeing it. I'm taking all these nudes, for what? For no one to see, like the fuck?"

Bretman added: " And you know Instagram is going to delete them so I'm gonna make a free OnlyFans. Actually I'm gonna do it right now." Bretman also tweeted: "I feel like making a free OnlyFans..... I’m tired of taking nudes and no one seeing them.. idgaf".

Sure enough, just minutes later Bretman posted a link to his new OnlyFans page under the username: @rock_bottom4. He is called Baddest Bihhh on the platform and his bio reads: "honestly i just wanted to post my nudes for free because im tired of no one seeing the cute ass pics i be taking... and Instagram keeps deleting my nudes..."

Bretman has since retweeted this article writing: "Pics going up today..." He later added: "I’m trynna post by bussy but my account is not verified". His account has now been verified and he has posted his first few posts, tweeting: "Tips will be donated ! Unless it’s the right kinda tip".

Head on over to his page to see his posts.