Bryce Hall fans beg TikTok star not to fight KSI because he "will lose"

19 May 2021, 15:11

Bryce Hall attacks Austin McBroom during fight press conference

By Sam Prance

Bryce Hall has challenged KSI to a fight but his fans are worried that KSI will easily defeat him.

Bryce Hall fans are urging the celebrity to back down after he challenged KSI to a boxing match and said that he would win.

Bryce Hall may be best known as a TikTok star but the 21-year-old is now one of many social media stars who has begun to take part in celebrity boxing matches. Bryce is currently scheduled to fight against former basketball player and YouTuber Austin McBroom on June 12th and the two stars have already traded fists at a press conference brawl.

Now, Bryce is already lining up his next match against British YouTuber and rapper KSI but fans want him to reconsider.

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Bryce Hall fans beg TikTok star not to fight KSI because he "will lose"
Bryce Hall fans beg TikTok star not to fight KSI because he "will lose". Picture: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for LiveXLive, Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images for Bauer Media

Taking to Twitter yesterday (May 18), Bryce tweeted: "ksi just said he would fuck me up in the ring HAHAHHAAH i wouldn’t wanna ruin the fight you’ve been dodging with jake just because you lost to a tiktoker @KSI after i beat austin we can talk buddy (;". KSI then clapped back: "You’re literally easy work. Who do you think you’re talking to?".

Undeterred, Bryce wrote: "1. you’re scared of jake paul 2. you won to logan by points on a shitty call 3. you’re fat" but KSI then replied: "1. Not scared, just busy smashing music, dropping an album and selling out arenas. 2. Still won and still undefeated. 3. And still would fuck you up easily. You’re a Jake Paul wannabe. Go back to throwing it back on TikTok. You can’t survive over here."

In response, Bryce tweeted: "1) you pay for features and you’re always the shittiest verse 2) undefeated, but you haven’t fought me 3) try and I’ll slap the fuck outta that 8 head of yours". KSI then ended the back and forth by tweeting: "Win your fight first, then we can talk".

However, Bryce's fans are now asking him not to embarrass himself by trying to fight KSI. Shortly after Bryce began to tweet KSI, a tweet went viral with someone writing: "this is so fucking funny to me LMAOO not even bryce hall’s own fans are backing him" alongside screenshots of concerned fans begging Bryce to reconsider challenging KSI.

One fan tweeted: "Respectfully and with all love bestie this is a death wish". Another added: "bryce respectfully delete this. he would definitely beat the shit out of you, much love!!!"

As it stands, Bryce is yet to take back what he said. We shall update you if he does.