YouTuber Chris Chan arrested for incest after admitting to having sex with her mother

4 August 2021, 14:00

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Why did Chris Chan get arrested? Here's what happened to the YouTuber.

YouTuber and creator of comic character Sonichu, Christine Weston Chandler, has been arrested and charged with incest after a leaked recording allegedly showed Chandler admitting to having sex with her mother.

Christine, known on the internet as Chris Chan, was being held at Henrico Regional Jail West Facility in Virginia on one count of incest and was taken to Greene County custody on Monday (Aug 2), a spokesperson for the Henrico County Sheriff's Office told PEOPLE.

On Friday, an eight-minute recording from a leaked phone call was posted on Kiwi Farms. In the audio, a person claiming to be Chandler discussed having a sexual relationship with her 79-year-old mother Barbara. The following day, Greene County Sheriff's Office confirmed that they had "received information involving sex crimes against a family member" and an investigation led to an arrest warrant being issued. Chandler, 39, was then arrested in Ruckersville, Virginia.

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Why did Chris Chan get arrested?
Why did Chris Chan get arrested? Picture: CwcvilleGuardian via YouTube

Footage claiming to show the Chandler's arrest quickly went viral. In the clip, Chandler appears to be in handcuffs with officers around her as she tells the cameras that "everything is going to work out".

Chandler is currently being held without bond and the investigation is ongoing "with additional charges pending", it has been confirmed.

Chandler, who is autistic, is known for being the creator of the comic character Sonichu, who is a blend of Pikachu and Sonic the Hedgehog. She was mercilessly trolled online over the years by people who have impersonated her, pretended to be her girlfriend and leaked her personal details.

In October 2011, Chandler and her mother were arrested after Barbara hit a local game store manager with her car. They were ordered to pay a fine, undergo community service and a year of probation. And in 2014, Chandler was arrested and banned from GameStop after she pepper sprayed an employee after they had asked her to leave.