Has Contouring Officially Gone Too Far?

15 January 2016, 14:02 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

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Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

To contour, or not to contour?!

We've all been witness to some truly wild YouTube contouring trends in our time but this one might just be the final straw. 


Contouring Screenshot

via youtube.com

The newest make up trend born from the brain of the Internet is 'Tape Contouring' and here are the three things you'll need to complete the look:

1) Some tape. (Pro Tip: AVOID Industrial strength Duct Tape at all costs.)
2) Some foundation that is exactly 175% darker than your ACTUAL foundation. (You want the contour to be SHARP AF, right?)
3) And a large mirror. (To see how RIDICULOUS YOU LOOK.)

via youtube.com

LOLjk, but seriously... this new trend is out of control. But how does it stand up against all the other Contouring tutorials we have been blessed with in the past? Let's see, shall we?

Henna Contouring 

In an Number 5 is Henna Contouring. This is really REALLY great... if you have 4 hours to spare drawing all those intricate swirls. And why would you even want to blend in all your painstaking work? 10/10 for effort, 3/10 for practicality.

Tape Contouring

The trend in question. It's reasonable, but would you be willing to spend your wages on stocking up your ~SELLOTAPE~ stash every month? NO. SO DELETE THIS. 0/10 for monthly budgeting.

Lip Contouring 

Number 3. Lip Contouring. Something we really didn't need. Then again... we suppose this is kind of much safer than attempting that Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge so... carry on. 7/10 for keeping the kids safe.

Clown Contouring 

Taking second place is this. You know the one. We think we'd rather stick tape to our face than try and blend in a Poop emoji tbh. That being said, 10/10 for commitment to the contouring cause. And 10/10 for creating a monster.

Sugar Skull Contouring

We'll let the YouTube comments speak this one: "When you have a kids party at 5 but a hot date at 9."

So do you think contouring has officially gone too far? Do you do any of these trends IRL? ANSWERS ON A POSTCARD!