Dear Daniel Radcliffe, Can You Be A YouTuber Already?

26 November 2015, 17:47 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Harry Potter premiere

By Victoria Pavlova

I've waited long enough.

Dear DanRad,

I love you. Please marry me. 

No wait, that wasn't what I meant. I love your work. Your movies are weird and awesome and I can see you as the next NPH on Broadway. Also I'd just like you to know that your eyebrows have been really on fleek lately. 

But like, I feel like there's one creative avenue you're really missing out on. Why the f**k don't you have a YouTube channel already? Hear me out now. I know you know about vloggers, you've been in enough of their videos to make a feature-length film. And the form clearly works for you.  

I mean just look at you, breaking that fourth wall like it's made of Every Flavour Bean boxes. You were born to do this, Dan.

Now, I get it. That was all for movie promos. Your manager probably set those up for you. You don't know how to YouTube, you wouldn't even know where to begin. But let me assure you, as a fellow novice YouTuber - all you have to do is start. In fact (subtle plug time) PopBuzz has a very handy piece on this very subject! 

Ok, fine, that one's about beauty YouTubers, but it's pretty much the same, I promise. Also, if you wanted to share the secret to your glowing look, I'd like, comment and subscribe the f**k out of that. 


Sorry, where was I? 

Right. YouTube channel. It'll be so good for your career. The business is all about that fan-creator relationship these days. Think of all the comments you'd get. Think of the publicity! Two movies a year is great, but a video every week would really keep the people talking. 

So, please, Mr. Radcliffe, this holiday season, give us all the gift we want and just start a freaking YouTube channel already!