The Cash Me Outside Girl Just ENDED “Disgusting” Logan Paul In A Brutal New Interview

5 January 2018, 12:11

Cash me Outside Logan Paul
Picture: @BhadBhabie/Instagram/LoganPaulVlogs/YouTube

By Katie Louise Smith

Your third favourite meme of 2017 has spoken.

Just when you thought 2018 couldn't surprise you any more than it already has, Danielle Bregoli (the Cash Me Outside girl) has just been automatically promoted to the position of this year's new Moral Correspondent after her brutal condemning of Logan Paul's recent actions.

Danielle, who is now a pretty big YouTuber herself, was stopped at an airport by TMZ who asked her what she thought about the whole Logan 'Suicide Forest' situation and she did not hold back, sweetie... She let him HAVE it.


"Everything was kind of okay... it wasn't okay that he filmed it, but I understood," she told the cameraman. "He's a vlogger, he goes, he vlogs things and that's what he does. But when you're talking about it saying, 'oh depression is a bad thing' and then you start laughing? What did he say? He said something about like, um, oh, "You never stood next to a dead guy before?" Like... that's crossing the line. I knew Logan Paul, I stopped talking to him after a while. But like, I think that's kind of disgusting."

When the cameraman said that Logan did it to bring awareness to suicide, she went off. "No. That's not ok, that's not ok at all. It's disgusting."

The cameraman then pointed out that Logan had already apologised twice to which Danielle hit back with "You kill someone and apologise for it, doesn't that make it ok?!"


DAAAAAAAMNNNNNNN! It's nice to see at least one fourteen-year-old on this planet actually calling this situation out for what it is and recognising how wrong his actions were. Watch the full video here.

As for Logan? He has decided to take a break from YouTube and has not uploaded a daily vlog since the 'Suicide Forest Vlog'. He caused even more of a stir when he monetised his video apology for which he reportedly earned thousands from 26 million views.

REMINDER: This is day 5 of 365. I'm already exhausted.