David Dobrik is officially divorced after marrying Jason Nash's mum

25 November 2019, 14:07

By Katie Louise Smith

David married his friend Jason Nash's mum Lorraine as a joke and they ended up married for 6 months.

Good news, ladies (and literally everyone else who has a massive crush on David Dobrik), People's Sexiest Heartthrob is now single again.

In case you weren't keeping up with David Dobrik's personal life, let me update you real quick. The YouTuber has in fact been married for the past 6 months to Lorraine, the mother of friend and fellow YouTuber Jason Nash. Yes. Really. (Well, according to him, at least...)

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Back in May, David married Lorraine in one of the most elaborate pranks that YouTube might have ever seen. Just one short month later, David then announced that he and Lorraine had decided to "end their romantic relationship."

This weekend (Nov 23), David took to Instagram to confirm that he has officially signed the divorce papers and is, once again, on the market.

The whole thing started when David made fun of Jason and his ex-wife in a vlog. Jason retaliated by saying that David would never have an ex-wife because no one would ever love him. In a bid to get his own back, David then flew to Boston to propose to his mum.

Explaining the prank on Live with Kelly and Ryan, David said: "She loved the idea. She thought it was really funny. So then we flew to Vegas and we got married in Vegas. Before [Jason] even knew where I was at, we flew to Hawaii and we honeymooned. And then we came back and then I told him, 'I'm now you're father. You're my son.'"

Just one month later, David announced on Instagram that he and Lorraine were getting a divorce. This weekend (Nov 23), he shared a picture of him sat with pen in hand alongside the caption: "After a long few months, I officially signed the divorce papers to my wife, Lorraine. Jason your mother was a real treat. With that being said I also reactivated my @bumble account and I’m ready to start swiping. See you soon ladies."

Fans were saddened (lol) about the news with one fan in the comment section writing: "Your marriage was more real than Jake and Tana’s." (Sorry to this couple.)

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BUT LET'S NOT DWELL ON THE NEGATIVES, DEAR FRIENDS. David is single and is back on bumble (although, fans are convinced that he's dating his assistant Natalie. So far, they haven't confirmed anything.)

Fans are already shooting their shot in the comments section with one fan writing: "if ur on bumble im coming to LA bad reactivating my account" and another saying: *downloads bumble*

Can't wait for David's next prank marriage.