David Dobrik fans think he just confirmed he's dating Madison Beer in a TikTok video

5 May 2020, 11:37 | Updated: 3 November 2020, 10:48

David Dobrik appears to confirm he’s dating Madison Beer in new TikTok video

By Sam Prance

David Dobrik's latest TikTok video appears to announce that he and Madison Beer are in a relationship.

YouTuber David Dobrik may have just revealed to his fans that Madison Beer is his girlfriend in a new video on TikTok.

David Dobrik is no stranger to making headlines with his romantic life. Last year, the 23-year-old married his friend's mother, Lorraine, as a joke, got divorced after six months and was named People's Sexiest Heartthrob over the likes of Harry Styles and Shawn Mendes. This March, he matched with James Charles on Bumble and went on multiple virtual dates with fans.

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However, it looks like David's search for love is officially over. Fans think he just confirmed that he's dating Madison Beer.

David Dobrik fans think he just confirmed he's dating Madison Beer in a TikTok video
David Dobrik fans think he just confirmed he's dating Madison Beer in a TikTok video. Picture: Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images, @daviddobrik via TikTok

Rumours that David and Madison might be an item first surfaced shortly after Madison's 21st birthday party this year. David posted a snap of him and Madison in a tight embrace with the caption: "Beauty and the beast (sorry for calling you a beast madison lol)". Madison then commented: "Belle never looked so good" and fans started to speculate they were together.

In March, David added fuel to the fire by making a TikTok video in which he picks Madison up and cradles her in his arms. It quickly went viral and, given how cute they look together, people couldn't work out if he and Madison were just friends or something more. David later said on his VIEWS podcast that he'd been in love with Madison for "five months".

Now, fans think David has officially revealed that he and Madison are dating with a new TikTok video in which he asks her if she wants to date and Madison says "sure" in response. David then tells her to say "no" and asks what he asked her. She replies "do u wanna date" and David says "yes wow i'd thought you'd never ask" and celebrates.

It's unclear if David is just trolling us all but comments from fans include "David is living every mans dream", "congrats on the new relationship david!" and "is this the confirmation we have been waiting for". Given how close they are, fans are shipping them as a couple, regardless of if they really are or not.

As it stands, David and Madison are yet to officially state anything but we shall update you if and when they do.

What do you think? Are they dating?