The Dobre Brothers apologise after "awkward" meet and greet goes viral

8 October 2019, 13:19

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

The Dobre Brothers have said sorry after fans criticised a video of them at a recent meet and greet. The group blamed their lack of energy in the video on their "restless" filming and tour schedule.

Meet and greets have become a fairly divisive practice in recent years. Celebrities like Justin Bieber have called them "draining" in the past, while Ariana Grande recently cancelled a few scheduled meet and greets to "preserve her voice and energy" (though fans have had largely positive things to say about Ari's M&Gs).

The general consensus about meet and greets seems to be that, if a hefty price tag is attached to a VIP package, celebs should (at the very least) be polite and gracious to their fans – otherwise just don't offer meet and greets at all.

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Internet personalities The Dobre Brothers have been scrutinised this week over a video showing an "awkward" meet and greet with a fan who posted the interaction on TikTok. The video was then reposted on Twitter, where it has been viewed nearly 6 million times.

The Dobre brothers have 7.76 million subscribers on YouTube and often do skits and pranks on one another on the channel.

The group are currently on tour and, in the video, they can be seen posing for photos with a fan in a manner that some have called "disappointing".

Fans have also pointed out that the meet and greet would have been part of a special package. On the group's site, General Admission is $29.99. However, meet and greets + admission for an upcoming Boston show start at $75.99. The next tier comes in at $199.99 and the highest tier – "Dobre Army Ultimate Fan Experience"– costs $599.99. It's unclear what package the fan in the viral video paid for.

Dobre Brothers Tour meet and greet package price
Dobre Brothers Tour meet and greet package price. Picture:
The 8th Annual Streamy Awards - Arrivals
The 8th Annual Streamy Awards - Arrivals. Picture: Getty

People had some thoughts on the now viral video of The Dobre Brothers' meet and greet.

People also came to their defence, pointing out that they could have been having a rough day leading up to the meet and greet.

"Yo we don’t know what’s really going on in this though. They could have been there for hours and hours and maybe they got some bad news just before. Like I really do NOT like the dobre brothers but I won’t judge them off this when I have no idea what’s ACTUALLY going on," wrote one person.

"Not being so active in this m&g doesn't make them a JOKE. They're humans too, they're getting tired to the things they loved but they're doing this for their fans," another fan tweeted in their defence.

Lucas Dobre has since apologised on behalf of the group.

He said: "We just wanted to apologize. After a long 48 hours of restless filming and touring then meeting thousands of fans with no sleep we were exhausted by the end of our show. Our true apologies ❤️ we are sincerely sorry."

Of course, this is just one video on one day and, per the apology, it sounds like the group were exhausted.

What do you guys think? What's your most memorable meet and greet experience?