Elijah Daniel says he has coronavirus and urges people to "stay the f-- at home"

16 March 2020, 16:49 | Updated: 17 March 2020, 12:11

By Katie Louise Smith

"Even if you don’t feel sick, take all the precautions, do not be selfish and put high-risk people in danger by being stupid."

YouTuber and rapper Elijah Daniel has taken to Twitter to let his followers know that he tested positive for coronavirus, and has been recovering in quarantine for the past few days.

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In a series of tweets, Elijah wrote about his personal experience with the virus and urged his followers to "stay the fuck at home" and listen to the advice given to them by professionals.

Elijah also detailed how the virus affected him, explaining that while he experienced mild symptoms, "higher-risk people could be much more severe".

On March 14th, Elijah posted a picture of his temperature (over 100F) and let his followers know that he would be heading into quarantine, shortly after visiting Houston, TX.

"what ive gathered from me & also a few friends who tested positive for corona, it’s been like a 3-4 day fever + mild dry cough & varying other symptoms, then starts going down," he wrote on Twitter a few days later. "my fever peaked day 2. idk if thats helpful i just don’t rly seeing anyone describe what it feels like [sic]?"

Elijah then made sure to clarify: "THIS CHANGES PERSON TO PERSON not everyone’s case will be the same, and obviously higher-risk people could be much more severe."

He continued: "just tryna ease anxiety, everyone i know who has tested positive last week is feeling better already though. (All healthy, no underlying health issues) [sic]."

Musicians, actors and celebrities all around the world have been urging people to stay at home if they feel sick, or otherwise, in order to help prevent the further spreading of the virus.

As Elijah puts it: "Do not be selfish and put high-risk people in danger by being stupid."

For more information on coronavirus symptoms, and guidelines on self-isolation and quarantine, make sure you read the World Health Organisation advice here.