This YouTuber is getting dragged for putting 'used' items in her beauty advent calendar

23 November 2018, 15:29 | Updated: 27 November 2018, 11:57

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Youtubers are getting a little too bold, if you ask me.

YouTuber Eltoria recently found herself getting the brunt of backlash after allegedly putting used and second-hand products in her £49 advent calendar (which only has 12 doors, btw).

Now, if you remember, Zoella was absolutely annihilated for her advent calendar in 2017. The mega YouTuber was busted for selling cheap products in her advent calendar, which included stickers, a pen and even confetti, for the bargain price of £50.

Well, you'd think the beauty community had learnt their lesson – clearly not.

Eltoria selfie/advent calendar box
This YouTuber is getting dragged for putting 'used' items in her beauty advent calendar. Picture: Instagram/@eltoria_/@emma.l.latham.23

Eltoria – whose channel has over 150,000 subscribers – revealed she'd be selling her own calendar and funnily enough, she's gained thousands of views on videos of herself reviewing beauty advent calendars from some huge brands. Of course, being such an advent calendar connoisseur (if that's actually a thing), her loyal fans were excited to get some of Eltoria's favourite beauty buys that promised 12 items worth over £90.

However, rumours began circulating that Eltoria had been selling old, unwanted PR products from other advent calendars she had reviewed – and people were, understandably, not happy.

Eltoria seemingly got caught out when she posted a video reviewing an advent calendar by The Body Shop on her channel. "Personally, I don’t like this scent," she said while unboxing some White Musk Body Lotion. "I've never liked the White Musk scent."

So when fellow YouTuber Willow Biggs posted a review of Eltoria's hand-made calendar she received – surprise, surprise – a White Musk Body Lotion. Leading people to believe that Eltoria might be selling on products she received for free.

It wasn't just Willow though. Soon other disappointed fans who purchased the "exclusive" calendar raised similar problems.

Vlogger Soon-To-Be-Wilson posted an "honest review" of the product and let's just say it wasn't what she was expecting. "I've literally just opened this package on camera for you and this brush is opened," she said, open-mouthed. "And it’s got dirt on the packaging." She also found that two more products came without a hygiene seal and appeared to have been opened, including a dried up lip balm – gross.


The product has now been taken down from her website. Meanwhile, Eltoria reportedly uploaded a video defending the calendar which has since been deleted. However, she did address the backlash in a statement to Metro and she claimed she's given refunds.

"I would like to thank the customers for purchasing this handmade, very limited edition product," she said. "I would also like to thank my fans for the support. It is unfortunate that people have made guesses and assumptions for it then to be treated as fact. Perhaps this is an issue that platforms need to figure out how to regulate."