Grace Helbig And Fellow Internet Heroes Have A New Show, We Are Unable To Even

12 February 2016, 14:22 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Grace Helbig

By Victoria Pavlova

Hello, it's me, wondering when is this coming out???

Grace Helbig, internet unicorn, life and style guru and personal hero, has just been announced to star in a new project sponsored by... American phone service provider AT&T. 


The video series, titled Hello Lab, is part of the cell serivce provider's new bid to be hip and relevant to the kids (not official terminology). They've signed on ten online creators and basically given them the chance to make anything they like within a budget.

At least that's how we're interpreting it. According to Mashable, the official announcement states that the new platform will give these internet humans  the opportunity to "create their most innovative dream projects with a cadenced release schedule throughout the year offering multiple touch points for consumers."

Besides Grace, the Hello Lab cast also includes musicians Us The Duo, travel vloggers Damon and Jo, magician Collins Key, Instagram comedian Brandon Armstrong, and Snapchat aficionado Shaun McBride (a.k.a. Shonduras) 

According to AdAge, the project will include video series, live experiences, albums, giveaways and podcasts. The creators "will use their phones as mobile production studios, the network to broadcast their stories, and social media to connect them all. So theoretically, it could be anything. I'd personally love to see a 24-hour livestream of Goose shenanigans, but I'm not holding out hope.

But it looks like the Hello Labs is bringing more people on board. Who do y'all think should join the series?