This is the most popular YouTube Halloween make up tutorial of all time

26 October 2018, 17:12 | Updated: 26 October 2018, 17:17

Promise Tamang doing someone's makeup/OH MY GOD WOW GIF
This Halloween makeup tutorial has racked up 200 million views. Picture: Youtube/@dope2111/Channel 9
Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

This incredible Disney character make up tutorial video has raked in a whopping 200 million views.

Dressing as your favourite Riverdale character or Harley Quinn simply won't cut it for Halloween 2018. We're going bigger, better and thinking out of the box for costumes now. That means we're looking to YouTubers for a little extra help to slay our October 31st look. Thank god for the internet, right?

There's one video that everyone simply can't get enough of and its content just might floor you. The most viewed YouTube Halloween makeup tutorial EVER features a step-by-step recreation of... the characters from Inside Out – yeah, we weren't expecting that either.

Taught by YouTube MUA Promise Tamang, the five-minute clip has been viewed more than 200 million times. The Disney-Pixar animation came out in 2015 and the views have been rolling in ever since. The movie is set in the mind of a young girl called Riley Andersen, whose five emotions – Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear and Disgust – try to lead her through life.

'INSIDE OUT' Makeup Tutorial (Disgust,Sadness,Joy,Anger & Fear)

Promise – who has almost 5.5 million subscribers – managed to rope her friends and family into playing each emotion and she gives a simple walk through of how to recreate the looks yourself.

The US-based makeup guru, who joined YouTube in 2009, even finished the clip by recreating a scene from the film and posted a separate behind-the-scenes video to show her subbies what really went down while she was creating some YouTube magic. Promise also included a complete list of the products and costume pieces she used.

Other YouTubers killing it with the Halloween tutorials at the moment include Roxxsaurus, who transformed herself into Valak and Queen of the Dead. Emma Pickles also has some great seasonal makeup tutorials such as a Maze Runner Crank costume. Meanwhile, Shonagh Scott shared her own tutorial on how to add Horns for Darth Maul.


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