Here Are All Your Favourite YouTubers: Then vs. Now

29 October 2015, 09:20 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

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Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

Fire up that Time Machine - it's throwback time!

Everyone loves a good throwback pic, right? Well how about we throw FOURTEEN amazing throwback pics at you right now? Yes! Really! Fourteen pictures of all your favourite web celebs, from their very first video to their most recent. 

Just take a look at all their baby foetus faces!


1) Alfie Deyes

Alfie Deyes Then vs Now

When Was It Uploaded: January 2010

One of Alfie's very first uploads was literally a video of him wearing different shirts. LITERALLY. Can you eeeeven imagine how many shirts he owns now?!

2) Zoe Sugg

Zoella Then vs Now

When was it uploaded: December 2009

Our Zoe just loves a good haul doesn't she?! In her first video, titled "60 Thing In My Bedroom", is quite literally her showing us 60 Things In Her Bedroom. We're quite partial to that Wombat teddy that makes an appearance!

3) Hannah Hart

Hannah Hart Then Vs Now

When was it uploaded: March 2011

The very first My Drunk Kitchen to ever grace our internets featured a lot of butter. Now, we like to think Hannah is a little more refined in her drunk cooking adventures. Also, hooray for Contacts and blonde hair dye!


4) Marcus ButlerMarcus Butler Then Vs Now

When was it uploaded: January 2010

Marcus went from looking like Tom Fletcher from McBusted to... Tom Fletcher from McBusted! The video, titled "Random Video Introduction" does exactly what it says on the tin. EXCEPT IT'S HIDEOUSLY AWKWARD!

5) Jenna MoureyJenna Marbles Then Vs Now

When was it uploaded: May 2010

Jenna's first video is a very VERY sweary vlog. Well technically, Jenna's first video is of her dog - obvi. 17 different hair colours later, Jenna is now Queen of the internet! YAY JENNA! 


6) Shane DawsonShane Dawson Then Vs Now

When was it uploaded: June 2008

Shane's first video features a delightful pink-haired lady called "Hodini". This video is so old, it's still got a MySpace link the description box. 

7) Troye SivanTroye Sivan Then Vs Now

When was it uploaded: November 2007 

OMG BABY TROYEEEEE GIMMEEEEEE. If you haven't seen Troye's first YouTube video then you haven't LIVED! There he is, little 12 year old Troye singing his heart out. We dieeeeee. 


8) Phil LesterAmazing Phil Then vs Now

When was it uploaded: March 2006

Phil's first video is in black and white which is SOOOO not what's happening over on his channel nowadays. Also, 2006?! Phil has basically earned the right to call himself 'The Wise Old Sage of YouTube'.

9) Connor FrantaConnor Franta Then vs Now

When was it uploaded: September 2010

Connor's first video is basically what we imagine a 2010 Kevin from Home Alone to make while his parents are out of town. Oh, and he's officially our fave new Potterhead.

10) Grace HelbigGrace Helbig Then Vs Now

When was it uploaded: October 2006

Grace's first video was a college assignment. See kids, if you stay in school and complete your assignments, YOU COULD END UP WITH YOUR OWN CHAT SHOW! ¯\_()_/¯ 

11) Joey GraceffaJoey Graceffa Then Vs Now

When was it uploaded: May 2010

The oldest video on Joey's channel was recorded on his 19th birthday. In this time, Joey has levelled up from a rosy cheeked little babe into a majestic cotton candy haired unicorn.

12) Dan HowellDan Howell Then Vs Now

When was it uploaded: October 2009

HELLO INTERNET! Dan doesn't look much different tbh, and he still does that signature finger gun salute. Bless.

13) Tanya BurrTanya Burr Then vs now

When was it uploaded: October 2009

Awkward eyebrows aside, Tanya's first Make Up tutorial is cute AF. Do you reckon she ever thought there would be a time when people were doing tutorials about HER OWN make up?! #GOALS

14) Tyler OakleyTyler Oakley Then vs Now

When was it uploaded: October 2007

Tyler's first video hits you in feels you didn't even know existed - it's so cute! And if you really wanted to know what the weather was like on October 1st 2010, then watch this video! 



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