5 Holiday Beauty Tutorials That Will Make You The Queen Of Everyhing

23 December 2015, 16:26 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Nikkie crown
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

How to slay: 101

Deciding on which looks to try this holiday season can be as difficult and time consuming as deciding which relatives to ignore at your family parties. Not to worry, YouTube has got your holiday vibes sorted and, guess what, they're solid as hell. Here are five stunning holiday looks to try this holiday season. Ya welcome.  



Jkissa is quite literally breathing life into our cold grinchy hearts. If you're kind of over the nude/matte/bronzed looks that everyone is obsessed with at the moment, Jkissa's super unique, green lipped, vampy eyed vibes are the way to go. She mainly uses Urban Decay in this tutorial but there are plenty of dupes that you can look at to make the look more affordable. 


Seoul based makeup artist, Pony, kind of nails that final year art school student vibe. She seems to get the fact that when you have dramatically coloured hair, you can go for more "Art Angel" looks as opposed to vampy overtures. She manages to coordinate her hair and makeup perfectly and bases her makeup around ultra flattering hues of red and pink. The look is absolutely perfect for anyone rocking red/pink hair this holiday season as well as anyone trying to pull of softer looks this season. 

Cydnee Black

Cydnee's gold eyelids make the entire look. It's is not quite Christmassy but certainly a fun idea for New Years. Cydnee does a great job of contrasting the gold and darker hues with the natural highlights and lowlights of her face. Her matte lips also help to subdue the rest of her makeup, making it a super versatile look. Obsessed. 


Christina has the right idea as far as holiday makeup goes. She's departing from the matte look and going full summer glow on this one. The dark purple of her eyes combined with the feminine pink of her lips make this one vampy and serene all at once. Paired with the wolfy grey coloured hair that has become really popular lately, and the look is almost flawless. 

Nikkie tutorials

Nikkie literally slayed this look. It's sort of similar to Cydnee Black's golden eyelid tutorial except the lip is a lot bolder. The unique brownish red lipstick colour accentuates all her features, especially the subtle sculpting of her cheekbones. This holiday look is giving me my whole damn life right now.