Hype House members delete "disgusting" videos with rapper 6ix9ine after being called out

10 September 2020, 15:44

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Olivia Ponton, Tayler Holder and Ondreaz Lopez all recorded content for TikTok with 6ix9ine.

A number of members of the Hype House have been criticised for collaborating with controversial rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine.

6ix9ine, born Daniel Hernandez, is currently halfway through a four-year probation sentence after pleading guilty to a 2015 child sexual performance charge. He also recently finished a stint on house arrest following his incarceration for firearms and racketeering charges in 2019, for which he made a controversial plea deal snitching on his fellow gang members.

The 'TROLLZ' rapper is now desperately trying to get back on top again and promote his new album, so he decided to recruit the help of famed TikTok creator collective Hype House, appearing in videos with several members.

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In a YouTube video, Hype House founder Thomas Petrou arranged for 6ix9ine to surprise members of the Hype House with Thomas recording their stunned reactions for a vlog. When 6ix9ine enters the house with his huge security team in tow, they appear to be incredibly starstruck and genuinely excited.

Later, Hype House members Olivia Ponton and Tayler Holder posted TikTok videos of themselves dancing with 6ix9ine to one of his tracks. Ondreaz Lopez also featured in a dance video that was posted on 6ix9ine's TikTok page.

Hype House soon started receiving backlash for promoting 6ix9ine considering his convictions, their younger fanbase and younger Hype House members like Avani Gregg, 17, who lives with her family.

Following the backlash, Olivia deleted her TikTok with 6ix9ine, while 6ix9ine himself deleted Ondreaz's TikTok from his page after he commented: "Don't worry guys, it was a TikTok his PR team wanted on his page for his personal TikTok. We ain't even finish the full dance it was so awkward," in response to the criticism he had received.

Tayler, however, has decided to keep his videos of 6ix9ine. When asked by paparazzi about the collaboration, Tayler even said: "He's actually a really nice guy. Really genuine and really down to earth."

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