WTF? Viral Video Star Sues Over Pizza Prank In Trial Of The Century

16 March 2016, 14:57 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

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James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

This is just sad...

Take two internet "prankster" types, add a couple of slices of pizza and a whole lot of pent up testosterone and what do you get? The most pathetic scandal in viral video history.

You may have seen this video a few weeks back of "prankster" Discoboy hitting "prankster" Jack Jones with a pizza. And then Jack called the police.

The world is yet to recover from the shock!

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Well, forget OJ Simpson because, as Metro reports, this week the real trial of the century took place as a court ruled that Discoboy, real name Lee, must now pay Jack the not-at-all measly sum of £50 for the inconvenience of having pepperoni smushed into his cheek alongside some further legal and surcharge fees of around £100.

Jack Jones put out a statement through lawyers:

He smashed a pizza in my face. I felt dizzy afterwards and I’m now scared that this sort of thing may happen again. If it reaches social media, it could damage my career.

Jack Jones

Such persecution - it's like reading an extract from To Kill A Mockingbird isn't it?

Look, let's be real kids - we've seen far worse YouTube pranks in the past (normally involving that guy who's name rhymes with Wam Wepper) so this is slightly less concerning. Is it annoying to have a Hawaiian with extra pineapple slammed into your nose? Of course. Do we condone this sort of behaviour? Of course not. 

But maybe, just maybe, if Jack hadn't gone around startling members of the public for the last few years, this wouldn't have been an issue and a courtroom wouldn't have had its time wasted as two viral video makers measured each other's stuffed crust egos against one another.

Just a thought boys - maybe it's time to grow up.

Now, anyone else hungry for pizza?