Jacob Sartorius Just Got “Pinned To The Ground” At Gunpoint By Police In His Home

11 August 2017, 11:50 | Updated: 11 August 2017, 12:05

Jacob Sartorious Gunpoint
Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

What the HELL do the police want with Jacob?!

Listen, we can all agree that waking up is literally the WORST part of the day. But no matter how bad you thought YOUR mornings were, we bet you've never had one as wild as Jacob Sartorius. Earlier this week, Jacob got a pretty terrifying wake up call from 15 armed police officers who stormed into his home and pinned him to the ground. No, we're not joking.

Jacob tweeted about the terrifying incident - which happened late on Tuesday night (Aug 8) - and told his fans that he would explain everything later.


Everyone was pretty skeptical of the tweet at first with some suggesting it was either a prank or an attempt at gaining attention but ten minutes later, Jacob posted a video to his timeline or helicopters circling his house and shining searchlights into his backyard.


He then revealed that the entire thing was just a misunderstanding and that everyone in his house was fine. 


People were also speculating whether or not Jacob was the victim of 'swatting' because honestly, why would the police pin down a 14-year-old boy at gunpoint?! Swatting, a huge online prank trend that peaked a few years ago, is when someone calls the police claiming there's something suspicious or violent happening at a residence which will result in a ton of police showing up this person's house for no reason. 

Damn Jacob! At least his neighbours have his back...

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