Watch The Moment This 13-Year-Old YouTube Star Was Slapped By A “Fan"

15 June 2016, 13:23 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

jacob sartorius
Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

People have mixed feelings about this Jacob Sartorius video.

Jacob Sartorius is a divisive figure on the internet and for good reason. 

As some of you may have seen, last week we covered a story about the 13-year-old Vine/YouTube star who has been accused of trying to coerce a young woman into sending him nude photos (ewww). As the evidence mounted up, silence was the official response from Jacob and his team. There has been no mention of it on any of his social media feeds.

This week, a video emerged of Jacob taking a photo with a female "fan", only to be suddenly slapped round the back of the head by the fan, who then promptly runs off screaming with laughter. You can watch the incident below:


The girl in question was identified as Twitter user @claudia_erazo21. Her tweets are now protected but tweets from her account have emerged in which she claimed she met Jacob some time later and they're "cool now". Likely story...

Jacob s tweet

There has been a mix reaction to the slap. Jacob was already the whipping boy of the internet, and his sexting scandal hasn't exactly endeared him to people any further. Yet, somehow, he still has a dedicated army of fans.






No matter who our personal feelings are about Jacob, slapping a 13-year-old boy isn't cool. There are better ways to make a point than resorting to violence (if there even was a point - we're not entirely sure there was tbh)

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