James Charles Posted An Apology For His "Racist Past" And It's Getting Mixed Responses

6 November 2017, 17:16 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 17:21

James Charles Racist Past Apology Video
Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

The MUA has posted a two minute video apologising for comments he made in the past.

James Charles is no stranger to an apology video. Just a few months ago, he posted an apology to the cast and crew of IT after he dragged the movie while sitting in the cinema on his phone. (He later got caught in a MASSIVE beef with the cast when he decided to do a Pennywise make up tutorial.)

And now, he's posted another apology video, this time regarding his "racist past". 

James posted a two minute apology on Twitter on Friday (Nov 3) where he directly apologised for the racist tweets that he wrote on Twitter almost five years ago.


In the video, he points out that he had made many many insensitive, offensive and racist tweets in the past which have recently been dug up again. According to James, they were posted when he was "an ignorant 13 year old." He also addresses the ignorant and offensive remark about Ebola that he made earlier this year ahead of his trip to South Africa - four years later, when he was 17 years old. (Can't keep using the same excuse, tbh.)

While he HAS said sorry for his remarks before, he acknowledged that he wrongly apologised to his fans instead of the people he actually offended. He published his latest apology on Twitter and addressed it to his wider audience and the public.  

To be fair, I'm white so I don't have the right to say if his apology was acceptable or not. But it's a start. He owned his mistakes and held himself accountable. It seems sincere but it's clear that he's still got a lot to learn. Many fans and followers accepted his apology. 





While many acknowledged James' effort to apologise for the mistakes he made in the past, others aren't having it.




Many are also calling out the fact that the majority of people who have "accepted" the apology are his white followers, the exact opposite of who the apology was made for - which isn't actually James' fault.




We hope that James can truly live up to his apology and start fulfilling the promises he pledged in his video. 

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