James Charles calls out "straight" guys sliding into his DMs to go viral on TikTok

6 March 2020, 17:22 | Updated: 3 November 2020, 10:58

By Sam Prance

James Charles says that boys are pretending to be gay and interested in dating him and becoming his boyfriend for clout.

James Charles has called out "closeted, curious and clout hungry" men who are "faking" being interested in him to go viral.

Earlier this year (Jan 30), James Charles took to TikTok to launch his own unofficial Bachelor competition to find a boyfriend. He posted a video in which he said that people use TikTok as "a dating app". He then listed all of his personal interests, and said: "If those things are of interest to you, and you're male, leave me a comment down below or I guess duet this video."

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Now, James has revealed that "straight" boys are sending him videos and recording their interactions for "clout" on TikTok.

James Charles calls out "straight" guys sliding into his DMs to go viral on TikTok
James Charles calls out "straight" guys sliding into his DMs to go viral on TikTok. Picture: Phillip Faraone/Getty Images, @tlwolff via TikTok

Yesterday (Mar 5), a James Charles fan tweeted a video by a TikTok user named @tlwolff. In the video, @tlwolff writes: "heres how james charles slid into my DMs [sic]." He then says he decided to duet James's Bachelor video as a joke, "it kinda blows up keep in mind im 17 and straight [sic]." He then shows James DMing him "I saw it haha" and him "jokingly" replying he's a fan.

@tlwolff ends the video pulling a grossed out face, writing: "What do I do now?" James' fan then wrote alongside their tweet with the video: "So you... 'entered' the Bachelor of James as a 'joke'... and got actually upset when he sent you a cute DM? The level of stupidity here is beyond me." The tweet has since amassed over 99,000 likes and 2.9 million views.

Noticing the viral tweet from his fan, James then retweeted it adding: "This happens weekly at this point. Some guy slides in my DMs or matches with me claiming they’re interested, we talk for a few days, & once they have enough recorded content for a TikTok or tweet, they post it & claim they’re straight. It’s queerbaiting and it’s pathetic."

He continued to explain: "The funniest/most embarrassing part of this is that almost every single one of them actually flirted, sent inappropriate photos, or came crawling back AFTER their post went viral to apologize and say that they were actually still interested. I have my receipts on them all.

"Not to bring up old tea, but this shows that this stuff is VERY REAL. It was happening before my scandal and continues to happen even MORE now. Many boys are closeted, curious or clout hungry and will do anything for attention... It makes dating extremely difficult and confusing."

It goes without saying that using queer people like this for clout is wrong no matter how famous they are.