YouTuber JayStation admits faking girlfriend Alexia Marano's death to get more subscribers

28 January 2020, 13:19

JayStation and ex-girlfriend Alexia
JayStation and ex-girlfriend Alexia. Picture: ImJayStation via YouTube, Dream Team via YouTube
Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

JayStation also claims he was almost arrested by Canadian police officers for allegedly assaulting Alexia Marano with a weapon.

JayStation, real name Jason Ethier, has admitted that he faked his now ex-girlfriend Alexia Marano's death in order to gain more subscribers for their shared YouTube channel, Dream Team.

The YouTuber is known for his controversial stunts and last year he used a ouija board in an attempt to contact deceased rapper Mac Miller and YouTuber Etika, who took his own life in June.

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Fans first suspected something was up when JayStation shared a video on his channel and claimed that Alexia had died after being hit by a drunk driver. He later shared more videos of himself mourning her and trying to contact her in the spirt world using a ouija board.

However, in his latest video uploaded on 26 January, JayStation confessed that it was all a lie. He also revealed that Alexia had now dumped him. He also said that five hours after filming the ouija video, which she helped him pull off, Alexia reported him to the police for allegedly pulling a weapon on her.

"I want to start out by saying I’m sorry to Alexia’s family for putting them through any hard times or stress about the death of their daughter," he explained. "I didn't intend for them to get any hate or emotional stress involving Alexia. I expected all of this to stay on YouTube… and it didn't."

JayStation, who has almost 5.5 million subscribers, then went into the details of their relationship and how it began, before breaking down in tears. He also said how his difficult childhood, lack of education and spell in prison, meant he couldn't get any job other than being a YouTuber.

"So we thought of the idea, actually I thought of the idea, what if we fake your death and do a skit on YouTube pranking everybody saying it was just to… just to gain traction for the Dream Team channel," he confessed. "So first we were gonna say she died, then do a ouija board video, which I did. Then we were going to call her at 3am then we were gonna resurrect her and get more followers on our Dream Team channel. I put my entire YouTube at risk to do it. I put my channel at risk to do it."

JayStation claimed that they made $50,000 from their channel after making just 13 YouTube videos. He was trying to help Alexia get out of her "dead-end job" hence why they were trying to make the Dream Team channel, which has 335,000 subscribers, work. He added: "My girlfriend is gone now. Alexia is gone and I’m in serious trouble."

Watch the video here.


JayStation claims he's now in trouble with the law and in his video we see what he claims are Canadian police officers at his door there to "arrest" him. He puts a disclaimer that police can't arrest you if you "have a warrant if you are inside your house".

However, the Toronto Police Service told Newsweek in a statement: "At this time, there is no Toronto Police warrant on file for a Jason Ethier."

This isn't the first stunt he has pulled and people are now demanding that JayStation is permanently banned from YouTube.

Alexia has now deleted her own YouTube channel and ImJayStation has wiped all videos and photos of her from social media. However, the Dream Team YouTube channel still remains.