Aaron Carter accuses Jeffree Star of ripping off his merch

5 December 2019, 12:24

By Sam Prance

Jeffree Star has released a new set of hoodies which Aaron believes copy his own Love clothing.

Aaron Carter is calling out Jeffree Star over "similarities" between his merch and a new line of hoodies Jeffree has released.

Jeffree Star recently celebrated the five year anniversary of his beauty brand Jeffree Star Cosmetics. To honour the occasion the YouTuber surprised fans by bringing back some popular old products and launching some new ones. Jeffree dropped a new set of 5 mini liquid lipsticks, two new mirrors, a series of new Mystery Boxes and a $50 Extreme Frost highlighter.

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If that weren't enough, Jeffree also put three new tie-dye hoodies on sale and they've been so popular that they've already all sold out. However, not everyone is impressed with the new clothes. Former child star and recording artist Aaron Carter has accused Jeffree of copying his designs.

Aaron Carter accuses Jeffree Star of ripping off his merch
Aaron Carter accuses Jeffree Star of ripping off his merch. Picture: Jeffree Star Cosmetics, CBS

Taking to Twitter over the weekend (Dec 1), Aaron tweeted: "Hey @JeffreeStar your merch looks a lot like my custom pieces I do by hand? tsk tsk" alongside a photo of Jeffree's new tie-dye hoodies.

If you visit, Aaron's website (aaroncarter.com), you can see that he sells two tie-dye hoodies that are similar to Jeffree's in colour. However, the tie-dye pattern is different and Aaron's say 'love' on them, while Jeffree's have the Jeffree Star cosmetics logo on them instead.

Aaron added: "I’m sorry but @JeffreeStar everyone has seen me make this stuff you have two of my colors. Not sure who on your team did that but I’m honered. Love you still." He also posted a video in which he says, "Alright. I love you Jeffree but you literally have two of my colourways on here that I do in my custom apparel. I love the rest of your stuff obviously but that's clear as day."

Fans then warned Aaron that Jeffree has been making tie-dye hoodies longer than he has. Someone wrote: "I mean this with the utmost respect but be careful about drawing attention to this. He actually has been doing this style a lot longer than you and could actually have a case against you. Don't draw attention to this". Aaron then replied: "With all due respect I know Jeffree and I do my stuff custom I was just seeing that their were deforest similarities I’m not mad?"

Aaron then posted a video of him making his hoodies and backtracked by writing: "I do all my stuff by hand. I’m just getting started but I LØVË BEING CRËATIVÉ @JeffreeStar I stil love you just saw some similarities. I’m being trolled!!!! Lol jkjk"

One fan tweeted: "Coming for Jeffree isn’t a good idea.. Also you didn’t create tie dye, relax bro." Aaron then downplayed his original claims and wrote: "I thinks it’s cute that @JeffreeStar and I have the same taste."

As it stands, Jeffree is yet to respond to Aaron's comments. We shall update you if he does.

What do you think? Was Aaron right to call out Jeffree?