Fans think Jeffree Star paid bots to leave positive comments on new video

10 August 2020, 11:53 | Updated: 10 August 2020, 12:10

By Sophie Thompson

Jeffree Star uploaded a new video over the weekend, but fans are suspecting that he's trying to brush over his recent dramas by using bots to leave positive comments, and remove any sign of accusations made against him.

Jeffree Star has had his fair share of drama this year, and just when he thought his millionaire lifestyle had somewhat resumed as usual, fans think they've, once again, caught the beauty guru out. And they're not happy about it.

The 34-year-old was recently caught up in scandal with long-time friend Shane Dawson, as well as facing accusations of racism himself. The drama resulted in Morphe dropping Jeffree Star Cosmetics, and the star has spent the last few weeks trying to convince fans that things aren't as bad as they seem.

Of course, it's 2020, and people aren't willing to forget that easily, and as supporters boycott his products and his YouTube views take a downward turn, they've also noticed that Jeffree could have been using bots to make things seem a little rosier than they are.

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Jeffree was recently involved in a scandal with long-time friend Shane Dawson.
Jeffree was recently involved in a scandal with long-time friend Shane Dawson. Picture: Rodin Eckenroth/WireImage/Jeffree Star via YouTube

In a tweet, one user pointed out that all negative comments hinting to allegations made against Jeffree had been deleted on his new video, and that he was blocking anyone that suggested his guilt. Beneath the video, in which he's resumed as his usual bubbly self playing with makeup and "addressing rumours about himself", there are also hundreds of suspicious looking comments from bots and other fake channels.

Positive messages, including "don't lie, who else is a fan of Jeffree?" followed by "giving money to charity for every 10 subs" were seemingly paid to appear at the bottom of the video, and the theory would make sense given the current backlash and tension with him in the beauty community.

Unfortunately for the creator, his beady-eyed fans have noticed, and are spamming the comments section to the point where it would be almost impossible for him to keep up with deleting them.

"There isn’t any comments to look through because they’ve been deleted or hidden," one user wrote. Another added: "Is he really trying to get on the trending page with all of these fake ass comments because no one watches anymore? We see you boo".

The video has dramatically less views than his usual uploads with a mere 1.5 million watches compared to his average of 15-25 million, so there'd be no surprise if he was trying to save his reputation.

But for now, Jeffree is walking on thin ice with every upload. People also noticed that he was acting a little more cautious than usual, taking extra care not to say anything negative about other people or brands – presumably off the back of his current legal situation with Tati Westbrook.

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