Jeffree Star appears to respond to YouTuber who "beat the crap" out of daughter for destroying palette

3 March 2020, 12:29 | Updated: 3 March 2020, 12:55

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Michelle Grace threatened her daughter, two, on YouTube after she ruined her Jeffree Star Cosmetics Alien palette, which has recently been discontinued.

Jeffree Star has seemingly addressed the controversy surrounding YouTuber Michelle Grace, who claimed she had "beat the crap" out of her two-year-old daughter for destroying her Jeffree Star Cosmetics palette.

Last week (Feb 26), Michelle shared a YouTube video titled "My Toddler Ruined My JSC Alien Palette | Now I'm sad…" In the video, Michelle said her young daughter had ruined her Jeffree Star Cosmetics Alien palette, which has recently been discontinued, by smearing ranch dressing over it. The video has now been removed from YouTube.

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"Y'all hear that right? My two-year-old just got her ass beat because no matter how many times I tell her not to mess with my makeup, she never fucking listens," Michelle says in the video, while her daughter cries in the background.

Jeffree Star seemingly responds to YouTuber who "beat the crap" out of daughter
Jeffree Star seemingly responds to YouTuber who "beat the crap" out of daughter. Picture: @jeffreestar via Instagram, @JeffreeStar via Twitter

"I put it away so that she can't find it, and what does she do? She finds it. At this point, I need a frickin' safe with a combination on it to keep her out of it. She has ruined two palettes of mine and one of them is being discontinued. One second, my hand hurts. Because I just beat the crap out of her. Not literally, but I taught her a lesson. Because I'll be damned if she's gonna walk all over me."

Michelle received a lot of backlash for the clip and, in a now-deleted tweet, she defended her actions and insisted her child is "intelligent" enough to know right from wrong. Apparently, the incident is also being investigated, Metro reports.

People called on Jeffree Star, who is currently in the Dominican Republic with Mmmmitchell and the Jeffree Star Cosmetics team, to respond to the controversy and now he appears to have referenced it in a recent tweet.

A Twitter user told Jeffree that her three-year-old had ruined her Blood Sugar eyeshadow palette from Jeffree Star Cosmetics, alongside photos of it all smeared into her mattress. She tweeted: "My 3 year old got into my @JeffreeStar #BloodSugar palette while I was at work today. We cleaned it up the best we could.

"Guess what I didn't do? Touch her. I didn't scream, didn't beat, didn't 'pop' or spank. I talked with her, she apologized, and helped me clean her mess up."

In response, Jeffree tweeted: "Hi parenting, how are ya? Please DM me your address so I can send you a new palette! I'd send you a new mattress too but I don't know how firm you like it."

Jeffree's fans applauded the "subtle shade" while others shared stories of how their children had ruined their Jeffree Star Cosmetics palettes.

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