Jeffree Star got a "bro makeover" from the Dolan Twins and he looks unrecognisable

19 September 2019, 17:10 | Updated: 19 September 2019, 17:27

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

What kind of wizardry is this?

Jeffree Star is instantly recognisable. From his razor sharp nails to his many expensive Hermes Birkins, we've all come to envy his trademark style. But, we can guarantee you've never seen him look quite like this. The YouTuber transformed into Jeff Dolan (the secret third member of the Dolan Twins) for a new video and OMG he looks unrecognisable.

Jeffree shared his latest video "Switching Lives With The Dolan Twins" on YouTube, taking his 16 million subscribers on a 40-minute journey.

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Jeffree said he wanted to do something "wild" and "out of the box", which led him to come up with the idea of switching lives with someone. The businessman explained that he wanted to swap with somebody who would be "challenging" – and who better to than his polar opposites Ethan and Grayson Dolan.

Jeffree Star and Jeff Dolan.
Jeffree Star and Jeff Dolan. Picture: Jeff Kravitz/Contributor, Jeffree Star via YouTube

"They are the opposite of what Jeffree Star is, right?" he said to camera. "As far as looks, image, how they dress, act – everything is so different from me. This would be the biggest challenge to me."

He added: "Today, I will becoming a full man and I will be living the Dolan Twins' lives."

Jeffree traded in his brightly-coloured hair and makeup for a short brown wig, trainers and sportswear. He even sported a "brow wig" because he famously shaves off his eyebrows.

Watch the video here.

Switching Lives With The Dolan Twins

However, looking like a Dolan Twin was only the half of it. He had to completely embody Ethan and Grayson, which meant a trip to the gym, a protein-packed meal and some skateboarding.

Jeffree Star's sugar-filled Red Bulls and diet of fast food was thrown out for a dairy-free diet consisting of pre-workout and ground turkey.

Once Jeffree had completed the challenge and shared the video, before he knew it "Jeff Dolan" was making headline news.

It's safe to say everyone was pretty shook by the makeover...and how much he looked like Kris Jenner?

The transformations didn't stop there, though, Jeffree returned the favour and turned the Dolan Twins into his clones, or the "Star Triplets", complete with red wigs, contoured faces and yellow tracksuits.

The transformation took place over on the Dolan Twins' YouTube channel. You can watch it here.

Switching Lives With Jeffree Star

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