Jeffree Star just shaded the hell out of Kat Von D over her makeup line

13 December 2018, 12:59 | Updated: 13 December 2018, 15:53

Jeffree Star poses for photos at Cosmoprof at BolognaFiere Exhibition Centre/Kat Von D attends the Animal Equality Global Action annual gala
Jeffree Star has reignited his feud with Kat Von D. Picture: Getty
Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

In life only three things are certain – death, taxes and Jeffree Star throwing shade.

YouTubers in the beauty community are known for their public spats, but none quite like Jeffree Star. The makeup guru just dragged his former friend Kat Von D, making sure to keep their long-lasting feud ticking over. Well, at least he's consistent.

It all popped off on Twitter when fellow YouTuber Kathleen Lights asked her followers what they thought about Kat Von D Beauty. The internet went in on Kat, who recently declared she would not be vaccinating her newborn son Leafer, who she welcomed in December with husband Rafael Reyes.

Of course, Jeffree couldn't resist jumping in with a comment of his own, posting a messy tweet about Kat's line being discounted and sold in TK Maxx.

Whew, the shade. Jeffree's followers soon got involved too – but some weren't happy with his statement.

Kat didn't respond to the whole thing, but Jeffree explained why he got involved on his Instagram story. "If you follow me on Twitter, you know I'm a sarcastic arse bitch," he began. "I miss the old days where you could just have a laugh and Tweet something, and it not be a headline, or a news story. I love to f**k around and be silly and sarcastic all day long, but some people can't take the joke."


In case you didn't know, Jeff and Kat were actually good friends at one point. He even appeared on an episode of Kat's TV show LA Ink back in 2011 as one of her BFFs. Well, fast forward to 2016 and it became a very different story of petty makeup rivalry.

Kat ended their friendship in a scathing YouTube video in 2016, claiming Jeffree had stolen the artwork for his makeup line from her friend, BJ. Of course, it spilled onto Twitter and Jeffree hit back at her allegations. But the feud was still raging in 2018, when Jeffree accused Kat of using his name to make money by continuing to sell her liquid lipstick called "Jeffree", even though she'd previously said it would be removed from sale.

It doesn't look like this feud will be dying down anytime soon.