Jeffree Star addresses rumours he's dating Mmmmitchell

17 February 2020, 12:16

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Jeffree Star and Mmmmitchell have been friends since collaborating on a YouTube video together in August 2018.

Jeffree Star has been enjoying the single life since splitting from his longterm boyfriend Nathan Schwandt in January. In recent weeks, the YouTuber has travelled to Las Vegas, Miami and Chicago, where he has been partying with his friends, including makeup artist Mmmmitchell.

Mmmmitchell, born Mitchell Halliday, is incredibly close with Jeffree and in November last year he even headed to Bora Bora to celebrate Jeffree's birthday. The two were also meant to do a European makeup tour together, but they were forced to cancel following Jeffree's break up.

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Mmmmitchell reunited with Jeffree again though, heading to his channel to collaborate on a new YouTube video. In the video, Mmmmitchell created a look with Jeffree's new Blood Lust eyeshadow palette. But before they dived into the makeup, Jeffree decided to clear up a few things regarding his relationship with Mmmmitchell.

Jeffree Star address rumours he's dating Mmmmitchell
Jeffree Star address rumours he's dating Mmmmitchell. Picture: @jeffreestar via Instagram, Jeffree Star via YouTube

Jeffree began: "So, Mitchell is here in town, in LA, he's staying at my house and…" Mitchell then interjected: "In a separate room!"

Jeffree then added: "So, me and Mitchell were watching the sun rise – not set – for some reason some channels and news sites popped up like, 'Is this Jeffee's rebound?' All jokes aside, the last thing I'm trying to do is be in a relationship with anyone. Me and Mitchell are really close friends."

He continued: "So today we are going to create a really sickening look – no, we are not sleeping together."

Jeffree Star YouTube Video
Jeffree Star YouTube Video. Picture: Jeffree Star via YouTube

This comes after Jeffree also addressed issues with his eyeshadow colours following criticism from fans. Some were left disappointed that Blood Lust didn't have enough darker purple shades. However, Jeffree clapped back at the critics and insisted his next palette will have the "crazy goth moment" his fans had been hoping for.

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