Jeffree Star fans are trying to guess the name of his new Pomeranian and they're hilarious

1 April 2020, 15:10

Jeffree Star opens up about the loss of his dog Diamond Star

By Sophie Thompson

Jeffree Star has announced he's adding another Pomeranian to his beloved dog family whilst he has free time on lockdown - and people are already guessing the puppy's name.

There's three obsessions in Jeffree Star's life that are certain: Makeup, Gucci, and Pomeranians. And the beauty guru has announced that he's adding to his family of four furry friends by getting another puppy while he has more free time during lockdown.

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Any fan of Jeffree will already be familiar with the other "children" in the Star household, whom he has adopted over the years with now-ex-boyfriend Nathan Schwandt - Drama, Diva, Delicious and Da Vinci. He also previously had Daddy and Diamond, but both have sadly passed away, and the new arrival will no doubt spark some much-needed joy in the 34-year-old's life.

Jeffree is adding a fifth Pomeranian to his family, while he has free time during lockdown.
Jeffree is adding a fifth Pomeranian to his family, while he has free time during lockdown. Picture: Rosdiana Ciaravolo/Getty Images/Jeffree Star via Instagram

Making the announcement on Twitter, Jeffree wrote: 'It’s official... In 2 weeks my new Pomeranian puppy will be joining the family!! This #StayAtHome order has me ready to be a mom again and welcome a new addition into my home' before fans quickly jumped on predicting what the pup's name would be.

Given that all of his other poms have 'D' names, we're fairly certain this one is going to follow suit - but given there's no other running theme, it could be literally any word under that category. We're praying for Duchess.

The internet, of course had suggestions, and while some of them were super cute, others were borderline NSFW...

The top two contenders seem to be Dior and Dilemma among fans, and even Jeffree himself has weighed in on the joke, hinting that he may even give a sneaky social-distancing dedication to the dog...

Whatever the name ends up being, living in a $14.6 million Hidden Hills mansion and being at the heart of a beauty empire doesn't sound too shabby to us.

Now Jeffree, drop the damn pics.