Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson tease 'Conspiracy' ad campaign in new video

2 October 2019, 17:40 | Updated: 2 October 2019, 17:42

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Ugh, we can't wait much longer – give us Conspiracy or we riot!!!

Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star have finally dropped the first part of their docu-series and it's filled with all the YouTube drama, and tea on their upcoming makeup collaboration we had hoped for.

The YouTubers have been teasing fans with sneak peaks of the collection for almost a year now. So far, Shane has mistakenly shown us some swatches from his palette that he left on his arm, while the trailer for The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star revealed that one of the products in the collection will be a pig mirror.

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Well, there's more. In the hour-long first episode of The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star it was confirmed that the Shane x Jeffree collab would be called "Conspiracy", which fans actually called months ago. We also saw a snippet of what looks like the ad campaign, which gives us clues about what to expect from the palette.

Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson.
Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson. Picture: @jeffreestar via Instagram, shane via YouTube

In the opening of the video, we kind of see how Conspiracy was born during a meeting between Shane and Jeffree, where Star gives him the offer of creating his own palette in June 2018.

"I'm just thinking, like, a conspiracy palette," Jeffree says. "Wait? Would anybody by that? OK, honestly?" Shane asks. Jeffree then replies: "I mean…I'm ready to buy it."

Shane later adds: "I actually think this could be interesting because we could make this palette and we could document the process of coming up with ideas, making the marketing, doing the commercial."

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The footage then flashes to what we can only assume is the making for their ad campaign. Shane is seen rocking green lipstick and co-ordinating eyeshadow. Meanwhile, Jeffree Star sports a bedazzled, pink wig with finger waves and a graphic eye look. It's safe to say this collection is going to be extra.

Shane Dawson.
Shane Dawson. Picture: shane via YouTube
Jeffree Star photoshoot.
Jeffree Star photoshoot. Picture: shane via YouTube

That wasn't all we learned, though, Shane opened up about his insecurities, not feeling on the same level as some of his peers and not earning nearly as much as them.

Shane continued: "I'm actually very, very scared. The world of beauty is something that gives me anxiety because it's very much look-oriented, and I am very much 'don't look at me' oriented.

Watch The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star here.

The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star

"I'm scared that people are going to think, ‘Oh, Shane's ugly. Shane's fat. Shane's whatever.' I am so fat right now. I have not worked out in months."