Jeffree Star defends himself after being criticised for killing his yaks and selling their meat

30 May 2022, 15:59 | Updated: 30 May 2022, 17:12

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

"Jeffree Star really slaughtered his pet yaks and is selling the meat."

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Jeffree Star has defended selling yak meat after previously referring to them as his "pets".

In case you didn't know, the controversial YouTuber traded his cosmopolitan life in Los Angeles for a life on a ranch in Casper, Wyoming, in 2021 for some "peace and quiet". Jeffree's new rural lifestyle saw him get some new pets – a bunch of yaks – and he soon launched an Instagram page (@staryakranch) documenting his shift from beauty guru to yak farmer.

Then in August last year, Jeffree filed to trademark Star Yak Ranch with plans to sell natural yak fibers, clothing, edible pet treats made from yaks, butcher shops and butchering services, and breeding and stud services for yaks. 

It's safe to say that Jeffree is making yaks his brand, so people were shocked to see that he's actually selling yak meat now, especially after previously calling them his pets and even naming them.

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Jeffree Star defends himself after being criticised for killing his yaks and selling their meat.
Jeffree Star defends himself after being criticised for killing his yaks and selling their meat. Picture: jeffree star via YouTube, @staryakranch via Instagram

On Saturday (May 28), Jeffree held a yak meat pop-up shop in Wyoming, where he sold ground yak, yak steaks and even yak jerky. Apparently, yak meat is nutrient dense and "90% fat free".

People couldn't believe that Jeffree had expanded his empire to selling yak meat and they also thought Jeffree is actively promoting meat consumption even though his line Jeffree Star Cosmetics is vegan.

Jeffree has now defended himself and explained why he started selling yak meat.

"Our country is trying to take women’s rights away and there’s already so much hate on the Internet every single moment… There’s no way people are actually concerned about me supplying my local community with food? I’ve donated over 1000 pounds of meat to shelters," Jeffree explained on Twitter.

"Stop using the same regurgitated quote from last year when I said 'all of my yaks are pets…' THEY ARE. But months later I learned how healthy #yak meat is and I started to appreciate learning where my food comes from… Educate yourself & not immediately lash out at."

Jeffree also said that he pivoted to eating yak meat after adopting a healthier lifestyle and cutting out fast food. He added: "Trust me, I grew up in a huge city and didn’t understand the culture of hunting and providing your family with food for a year… I never gave a fuck where the food came from that I was putting in my body… I love getting older and expanding my knowledge."

Jeffree Star Tweets
Jeffree Star Tweets. Picture: @JeffreeStar via Twitter

Jeffree continued his rant on Instagram Stories. "I started raising yaks over a year ago and I still have 120 pets and the only yaks you guys ever seen on social media is my pets," Jeffree explained.

"Any tag with a name is my pet. I think if you generally don't like me you're just hopping on this thing today. Maybe [because] it's Memorial Day weekend and you're bored. People are literally making up their own narratives. 'You're slaughtering Swiss Chocolate and Buster.' No, they're actually right here grazing on the grass and I can't wait for their semen to impregnate a lot of the girls and have amazing babies."

Speaking about his brand, Jeffree added: "When have I ever claimed to be vegan? No, I'm on year eight of Jeffree Star Cosmetics and I created it so it could be inclusive and so everyone could wear it. The days of testing makeup on rabbits and bunnies is horrifying. Hello, duh? The beauty industry had to evolve past that and I was one the people that helped push vegan in the industry."

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