Jenna Marbles and Julien Solomita send care package to fan with terminal cancer

24 February 2022, 12:10

Julien Solomita reveals he's engaged to Jenna Marbles

By Katie Louise Smith

Fans managed to get Jessica's heartfelt TikTok message to Julien, who later confirmed that he and Jenna had managed to get in contact privately.

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And now for some heartwarming news. The internet has come to together to help Jessica, a huge Jenna Marbles fan with terminal cancer, send a message to the former YouTuber.

As you'll probably know, Jenna Marbles completely withdrew from social media, YouTube and the internet at large in 2020 after holding herself accountable for offensive videos she had made in the past. Her fiancé Julien is still online, but their personal relationship and private life remains offline.

A few days ago, Jessica (@jessicachristine6) who has been sharing her experience with cancer treatment on TikTok, went viral after sharing a heartfelt message for Jenna.

She said: "Hey friends and family. I wanted to send a message to Jenna Marbles. I have terminal cancer and I don't have a lot of time left. But I wanted to share with her how she touched my life.

"She was one of the people that I tuned into to see every week on YouTube and she was just so herself. And with her puppies and Julien, she made my life better. And I miss her a lot."

TikToker Jessica shares heartfelt care package from Jenna and Julien
TikToker Jessica shares heartfelt care package from Jenna and Julien. Picture: Alamy, @jessicachristine6 via TikTok

Jessica continued: "I hope that you are doing well Jenna, I'm very excited for you and Julien to get married and have a beautiful life together. I'm so grateful for all the love that you shared over the years. I just wanted to say, "Hell, yeah!" I miss you girl, and I love you. Thank you very much for all the years that you shared with us."

Since posting the clip, Jessica's video has been viewed 2.6 million times. And through the kindness of the internet, the message managed to reach Julien who later shared that he and Jenna had got in contact.

Yesterday (Feb 23), Jessica took to TikTok to share the exciting news that Jenna and Julien had sent her a care package in return.

In the short video, Jessica shared a glimpse at everything Jenna and Julien had sent over, including a signed photo of the couple, a whole bunch of Dink fam and Julien merch including pins, a mug with a handwritten message, a t-shirt and more.

"I'm so happy, thank you so much," Jessica says at the end of the video, alongside an impression of Jenna's voice.

Fans and people who have been following Jessica's story shared messages in the comments of the video, with everyone saying how happy they were for Jessica. One follower wrote, "I'm not crying... this is so sweet! dink!", with another adding, "This is so beautiful, I'm so happy they found your video!!"

NBC News also reached out to Jessica for comment, who said she was "humbled by the response." She also declined to comment any further, or share anything else, out of respect for Jenna and Julien.

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