9 Times Kingsley Actually Dropped Some Legit Wisdom On Your Azz

21 January 2016, 16:06 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Kingsley Asset

By Victoria Pavlova

Life lessons.

One of our fave YouTubers is Kingsley, formerly known as ItsKingsleyB****, is best known for his ability to shut down anyone or anything in five words or less. 

But he's also been known to say some pretty profound ish every once in a while. For example:

1) That time he gave us our motto for every New Years Eve ever. 

Kingsley 1

2) When he made us think about maybe logging off YouTube and going outside. Maybe. Probably not though.

Kingsley Motivational 2

3)When he motivated us to stay in school. Nicki Minaj vibes.

Kingsley Motivationals

4) When he gave us the push to stay organised. We didn't take the push. But he still tried.

Kingsley Motivationals

5) This one isn't so much motivational as it is TRUE AF.

Kingsley Motivationals

6)When he gave us the perfect comeback for any shady situation.

Kingsley Motivationals 6

7)When he injected us with some selfie-confidence.

Kingsley Motivationals 6

8)When he went hardcore feminist without feeling the need to put it on a shirt (thank you!)

Kingsley Motivational 8

9)When he made us feel so much better about our longterm relationship with Netflix.


We live a Kingsley appreciation life.