Quiz: Are You More Like Lily Pebbles or Vivianna Does MakeUp?

29 July 2015, 16:43 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

YouTubers Lily Pebbles and ViviannaDoesMakeUp

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

They're the unstoppable beauty vlogging besties but are you more like the lovely Lily or adorbs Anna?

We can't get enough of Lily Pebbles and ViviannaDoesMakeUp and their 'Beauty Chat' videos are always a highlight. The monthly videos always answer our questions about the pair, whether it's personal or strictly about beauty. 

But how do the girls differ? We figured we'd put you to the test and help you figure out whether you're more like Anna or Lily.

Are you Lily or Anna?

They're our favourite beauty vlogging duo but are you more like Lily Pebbles or Vivianna Does Make Up?

Lily Pebbles

You're sensible and switched on and nothing means more to you than your family and friends. Your ideal night is spent browsing the latest camera lenses on Amazon or updating your scrapbook. Your beauty routine is all about great skincare and you have zero plans to scale down your nail polish collection anytime soon. Your fans love you for your expert knowledge and adorbs vlogs. Keep it up!


You're kooky and cool and you love nothing more than dragging your boyfriend round the shops on a Saturday morning. As a bit of a fitness nerd, you can often be found in your workout gear but you've always got time to whip up batch of your legendary cookies. You're all about a bold lip and classic wardrobe and your fans love you for it.

If you were given £500, you'd spend it on...

New lighting

A huge Sephora haul


Treating your friends and family

Pick a UK city





Pick a High Street beauty brand



Topshop Beauty


Pick a designer beauty brand

Charlotte Tilbury



Tom Ford

Your favourite junk food is...





The merchandise you're most likely to bring out is...

A cookbook

A lifestyle guide

A skincare range

A lipstick range

Your favourite YouTuber is...

A Model Recommends


Caroline Hirons

Fleur De Force

In your travel bag you'll always have...


Anti-bacterial gel

A facial spritz

Travel sickness pills

You spend most time on your...





Your favourite make-up artist of all time is...

Lisa Eldridge

Bobbi Brown

Pat McGrath

Sam Chapman from Pixiwoo

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