UPDATE: Logan Paul Releases Apology Video After 'Suicide Forest Vlog' Controversy

2 January 2018, 17:49 | Updated: 2 January 2018, 17:51

Logan Paul
Logan Paul. Picture: YouTube

By James Wilson-Taylor

The YouTuber asked for fans to stop defending his actions and apologised to the family of the victim included in his earlier video.

YouTuber Logan Paul has released a short apology video addressing the ongoing story surrounding his recent video shot in Japan that included footage of a suicide victim.

As we previously reported, Logan, posted a video yesterday shot in the infamous Aokigahara 'suicide forest' in Japan when he and his friends stumbled across the body, which they then proceeded to laugh at, make jokes about and zoom into. Logan then consciously used actual footage of the body in his vlog and thumbnail for views.

We will not link to the video, any footage of the video or the thumbnail in this article.

Logan later released an apology statement that was heavily criticised online for failing to take appropriate blame. Fans and fellow YouTubers have condemned his actions and asked for the video hosting website to take action against his channel.

Now, Logan has released a video entitled 'So Sorry.' which you can watch at the link below:

So Sorry.

If you or someone you know saw Logan's video and have been experiencing any type of negative thoughts or feelings, please reach out to someone. Information of international helplines is included in the tweet below: