James Charles responds to Logan Paul's jokes about alleged leaked sex tape

23 December 2019, 13:25 | Updated: 23 December 2019, 14:01

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

A leaked video of Logan Paul allegedly performing a sex act on another man has been circulating Twitter.

Um, what is going on? First, A$AP Rocky's alleged sex tape leaked, then DaBaby's nudes did too (although, he has now denied that it's him) and now a Logan Paul sex tape is circulating the internet.

Now, you probably saw the YouTuber was trending on Sunday (22 Dec). That's because footage surfaced of a guy, who is rumoured to be Logan, having oral sex with another man. Unsurprisingly, there was a huge reaction to the video, especially because Logan has only publicly been in heterosexual relationships.

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YouTubers like his "sister-in-law" Tana Mongeau and sparring parter KSI were all cracking jokes about the sex tape leak and even Logan responded in his typical nature. "100k retweets and I'll release the full sex tape," he tweeted. He followed it up with a tweet that read: "When click bait turns to dick bait."

James Charles and Logan Paul
James Charles and Logan Paul. Picture: Presley Ann/Getty Images for Patrick Starrr, Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

Logan also shared two videos of himself, one where he wrapped his mouth around a glass and tried to guzzle water, and another video where he was at a bar and said he was "currently in a dick sucking controversy".

And being the troll that he is, Logan decided to turn his attention to James Charles. "james charles ur next [sic]," he tweeted. In response, James replied: "Sorry bro I only go for straight guys," a reference to accusations of his predatory behaviour towards straight men.

Logan has neither confirmed or denied that he's the man in the video, but he has said that he wanted "hook up with dudes" before. In January, Logan received backlash for insinuating homosexuality is a choice on his ImPaulsive podcast. Logan told LGBTQ rights activist Josh Seefried that he wanted to "attempt to go gay for just one month".

Josh clapped back at Logan and said he didn't think it was acceptable to make those kind of jokes. However, Logan insisted he was not joking. "Sexuality is so fluid nowadays, I don’t think twice about talking about being gay, I don’t give a shit," he explained. "Being gay is cool to me, I think it’s a very cool thing, I think it’s very courageous and noble…there is nothing more beautiful than being yourself.

Logan Paul Tweet
Logan Paul Tweet. Picture: @LoganPaul via Twitter

"This hurts me because I am such a pro-gay dude."