Logan Paul’s ‘Suicide Forest Vlog’ Apology Is Pathetic And People Are Furious About It

2 January 2018, 11:10 | Updated: 2 January 2018, 14:04

Logan Paul
Picture: Logan Paul Vlogs

By Katie Louise Smith

In his statement, he spoke about himself, his success and offered no apology to the victim or their family.

WARNING: This article contains details that are highly distressing.

Logan Paul is currently receiving HUGE backlash on Twitter after filming the body of a suicide victim in his latest vlog.

Logan, alongside some friends, were exploring the infamous Aokigahara 'suicide forest' in Japan when they stumbled across the body, which they then proceeded to laugh at, make jokes about and zoom into. Logan then consciously used actual footage of the body in his vlog and thumbnail for views.

We will not link to the video, any footage of the video or the thumbnail in this article. The video has now been removed from Youtube but short clips of Logan and his friend's reactions to finding the body are still unfortunately online.

YouTubers and fans alike are absolutely disgusted at the video and at YouTube for allowing the video to be feature on the trending page.

Soon after the backlash, Logan posted a pathetic apology on his Twitter account.

He didn't apologise to the victim. He didn't apologise to the family of the victim. He spoke about himself, praised himself, didn't actually condemn the video for what it was. He also ended it with a peace emoji and a self-promoting hashtag.

People are absolutely furious with his disgusting apology.

A number of suicide helplines and mental health charities are now sharing their contact information online. If you or someone you know saw Logan's video and have been experiencing any type of negative thoughts or feelings, please reach out to someone.