8 Makeup Tutorials That Scream "F- Your Gender Roles"

4 December 2015, 15:11 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09


By Victoria Pavlova

Because traditional gender roles are the worst.

Here at PopBuzz, there are few things we appreciate more than perfectly groomed eyebrows (sisters, not twins) or a bold lip worn with confidence. We're practically makeup fiends. 

Also, don't tell anyone, but we quite enjoy cackling at the fall of the patriarchy, while burning Donald Trump effigies. So when the beauty community on Youtube decides to take on traditional beauty standards, you can bet we're all over that.

Here are just a few of the wicked tutorials we've found that will rip your gender expectations to teeny tiny shreds in ten minutes or less.

1. Hannah Hart is hot af anyway, but this policeman cosplay is UNREAL. And she claims she can't do makeup... We're onto you, Hannah!

2. Bretman Rock, showing us a quite wearable contour. You should def consider making this your nighttime look.

3. Melvin Lozada gave us a whole new level of #makeupgoals with this Halloween look. Sally (or would that be Sal?) from The Nightmare Before Christmas has never looked this good.

4. You don't really see many beards on cis ladies. Why is that? Apart from the fact that we don't tend to grow them, I mean. Here's one for those times during No Shave November when you're experiencing severe beard envy. 

5. Dear Reiz, I'm not really sure how to pronounce your name (sorry!) but your Harley Quinn look is more on point than mine has ever been. 

6. Ignoring the *cough* Twitter incident *cough* from earlier this week, we actually have to hand it to Willam - this Joey Graceffa makeover is so on fleek it hurts.

7. Ross from SkincareWithRoss has taught me more about beauty than any other guru out there. When he gives you a wearable makeup look, you should pay attention.

8. In between being an outspoken trans advocate and making you laugh your socks off with his sketches, Miles Jai can do magical things with some eyeshadow and mascara. For example: 

And remember, when in doubt about the gender binary...