People Aren’t Happy With The Way Marina Joyce Is Being "Exploited"

11 August 2016, 11:40 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Marina Joyce
Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

It's not Marina's 'bizzare' behaviour we should be concerned about, it's the ignorant comments on her Facebook post.

Another day, another story regarding Marina Joyce’s controversial online presence. Just weeks after the mind boggling hostage/abuse/drugs conspiracy, Marina is making the most out of her new found internet fame and this week, she’s been letting everyone know about her plans to build a temple in Peru.


While many publications ran with the "Look at what wacky thing Marina has done now!" theme, the internet was actually more concerned with the responses Marina had been receiving on the post. 

Since the entire #SaveMarinaJoyce saga began, Marina has gained over 2m subscribers, a ton of new Twitter followers and her most viewed video has now been watched 32m times. For many users on social media, it’s becoming clear that the majority of people are waiting with baited breath for her next out of character, "delusional" move. 

And at a quick glance, you can see that the majority of comments are people trivialising and making jokes about mental health.

Marina Joyce Commentsvia

The internet in general is honestly not here for it.


There's also concern about the exploitation of Marina's "new found fame" amongst Twitter users, calling out brands and fellow YouTubers for cashing in on her situation.


It's understood that Marina has gone through some difficult times - while she nor her family have spoken about it explicitly, she has spoken about it in her past videos. So if this ultimately was the case, the continued narrative of this entire issue pretty disturbing.

The internet had the exact same trivial reaction to Amanda Bynes when she went through a rough spot in personal life a few years ago. She was later admitted to hospital for mental health reasons. We've seen what all those hateful and ignorant comments can do to a fragile mental state and Twitter users and friends of Marina in the YouTube community are calling for a wider conversation about mental health. 

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