Marina Joyce Just Admitted The “Truth” In A Live-Stream And People Are Getting Pretty Angry

28 July 2016, 11:27 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

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Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

Fans are now spreading the #BoycottMarinaJoyce hashtag on Twitter.

Following the absolutely wild accusations that have been thrown around the internet these past few days, YouTuber Marina Joyce has been overworking overtime to explain her situation - she and her Mum even made an official statement to the press reassuring everyone that she is fine. But her bizarre behaviour and concerning confession in a live-stream has only worried the internet even more. 

She just admitted that this entire saga was due to a publicity stunt - created by her fans.


As you can imagine, fans are furious that she is *still* dismissing this entire situation and they're still not buying it. Instead of addressing these serious accusations head on, Marina seems to be fixated on the fact that she has now climbed to over 1m subscribers in 24 hours and is taking full advantage of the "fan-instigated" situation to gain new followers. 



In the video above, Philip DeFranco speaks to Marina directly. Not only does she skirt around many of Philip's questions, many of her disjointed statements from the live-stream don't match up with what she tells Philip in the interview - most notably where her bruises came from. (She also thanked her fans for making memes... make of that what you will!) 

While it's pretty clear that she hasn't been kidnapped, it is clear that something still isn't right with Marina - but that's her own business and something she needs to deal with privately.

In response to Marina's many mixed messages, Twitter users have set up a brand new hashtag '#BoycottMarinaJoyce' in retaliation.







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And so it continues... Whatever is going on, we hope Marina truly gets the help she needs and the internet can drop the entire thing pretty soon. Let us know what you think in the comments below!