YouTuber, Bethan Leadley Just Shared A Super Important Message About Her Mental Health

7 March 2016, 14:08 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Bethan Leadley Asset
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

One of our favourite YouTube musicians just made an emotional confession.

It's no secret that more than a few big YouTube personalities suffer from mental health issues; from anxiety to depression and bi-polar disorder, these YouTube stars prove that there is no shame in talking about mental health. 

One such YouTuber is musician, Bethan Leadley (Musicalbethan) who just shared a video revealing her struggle with every day mental health. "We don't treat mental health like a cough or a cold," she says at the start of her video entitled, "Honestly, I'm struggling a bit." 

Bethan, who has nearly 300,000 YouTube subscribers and 73,000+ Twitter followers admits that her declining mental health (which she categorizes as feeling "really shit" about herself), didn't become a problem until she "couldn't function" anymore. Bethan's creativity suffered as she began to "tear apart [herself] as an individual" often asking herself questions like, "why would people want to be friends with me?", "Why would people want to care about me?" 

Bethan also talks about drinking alcohol as a coping mechanism and keeping her problems to herself because she felt like other people's problems were much worse than her own. 

It's hard to explain the fact that you feel awful and you can't explain why.

Bethan Leadley

Bethan says that she's gotten through her tough time by talking to friends and realizing that people do care about her. She got over her fear of people thinking she was "crazy" and started sharing how she was actually feeling.

Bethan joins the ranks of YouTubers like Zoella, Jack Harries, Laura Lejeune and others talking candidly and openly about mental health. 

The importance of this particular topic really hits home when you consider the fact that so many young people choose to suffer in silence. Bethan and other YouTubers talking about feelings of anxiety and depression is such an important step in changing how society treats mental health.  

Watch Bethan's emotional video below.