Nikita Dragun says she was placed in psychiatric facility for eight days

13 December 2021, 13:06 | Updated: 13 December 2021, 13:15

Nikita Dragun shares video from hospital bed after being taken to a psychiatric facility

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Nikita was detained under a Temporary Detaining Order in Virginia.

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Nikita Dragun has revealed she was recently detained in a psychiatric facility for eight days.

On Saturday (Dec 11), the YouTuber shared Instagram Stories from her hospital bed. She revealed that she had been detained under a Temporary Detaining Order, which "directs a law enforcement officer to take a person into custody and transport him or her to a specified facility for further treatment" in the state of Virginia. Nikita was then placed into a psychiatric hospital involuntarily, but said she is now "okay".

In an Instagram post, Nikita opened up about the experience. She wrote: "God, i may never understand why. but i believe. in MYSELF and YOU. i surrender. i have never prayed for myself but here it goes… i want to be FREE. i have been detained. handcuffed and drugged. it took me to feel like a slave to understand and find myself.

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Nikita Dragun says she was placed in psychiatric facility for the eight days.
Nikita Dragun says she was placed in psychiatric facility for the eight days. Picture: Jason Mendez/Getty Images, @naimdarrechi via Instagram

"I was placed under a Temporary Detaining Order and Magistrate taking away all my rights as a human. i was kicked out on Thanksgiving day. i walked the streets in a red gcds dress, akatsuki jacket, and clear stripper heels in the cold. i was picked up by the police and rode in the back of the car. i was hospitalized and tested top to bottom. i was administered into a Psychiatric Behavioral Health Hospital involuntarily. i was drugged so intensely i couldn’t even keep my eyes open for days. i was broken.

Nikita added: "After getting called crazy so many times i almost wanted to just believe it. history is not kind to those seeking mental help. it was weaponized against me by even the ones i love most. i have been speaking to therapist and psychiatrist for months prior. medication was an option but for my choosing. this trip to Virginia was my way of trying to reconnect… find myself again. the only people who seemed to understood me were the patients. bipolar, schizophrenic, etc."

Nikita now seems to have been discharged from the hospital as she posted photos of herself outside the facility and at a waterfall. "i was lost, alone, and afraid. i know He works in mysterious ways… and Lord knows i can take on any battle," she explained. "This one hurt but showed me my will of fire. i am a victim. i am a survivor. i am a lot of things but i am just a girl with a dream. delusional and all. no one will ever take my wish or beliefs away from me."

Nikita revealed that she's currently doing better and she hopes that sharing her struggles will help destigmatize mental health disorders. She continued: "To my family and friends i love u and i am okay. to my draguns mama needs some rest for the real battle. to me i’m just gonna pat myself on the back and say. u are good enough. never perfect. but where’s the fun in that anyways.

Nikita Dragun Instagram Stories.
Nikita Dragun Instagram Stories. Picture: @nikitadragun via Instagram

"I will never hide my truth. i’m sure sharing something like this is considered embarrassing. regardless i just want to be seen and heard. this one is for me. forgiveness. even for myself. i am just human."

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