A YouTuber faked a gender reveal by farting blue powder

15 November 2019, 12:11 | Updated: 15 November 2019, 12:51

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Paige admitted the prank was just an attempt to go "viral".

YouTubers will literally do anything to keep their subscribers engaged. A beauty collaboration here, a scandal there and a…fart prank? Well, YouTubers Paige Ginn and Chelcie Lynn managed to trick her followers into believing she was expecting a baby boy after sharing a, um, very different kind of gender reveal.

Paige, who has 50,000 subscribers, is known for her pranks and calls herself "that girl who fake falls" in her Instagram bio. But there's only so many times you can throw yourself on the floor, right? The obvious next step would be a gender reveal fart prank. Obviously.

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In a video, posted on YouTube and Instagram, Paige is laying on the floor – naked from the waist down. Surrounded by pink and blue balloons, she lets out a fart and a plume of blue powder comes out. Her friends, including Chelcie, then start excitedly cheering in the background. People started congratulating Paige in the comment section too, even branding it "the best gender reveal ever". But it was all a lie.

Paige Ginn on Instagram.
Paige Ginn on Instagram. Picture: @paigeginn via Instagram

After the clip started getting some attention, both Paige and Chelcie (who has almost 900,000 subscribers) shared videos on their YouTube channels explaining what happened behind the scenes and answering fan questions. Paige confirmed that she is not pregnant and said she had actually been cooking up the idea for months. Chelcie even inserted the powder in-between her butt cheeks for her. True friendship.

"So what happened was she laid down, and I said: 'Spread 'em okay,' and she literally leaned back like you see in porn videos and she spread it," Chelcie explained. "So the butthole and a little bit of the vag was right there in front of me and I just took the little pack of powder and I cut the tip, and I literally just gently sprinkled a little little layer and then I said, 'No we're going to need more…"

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"Like some fertiliser," Paige interrupted. "So I sprinkled a little more," Chelcie continued. "Finally, when we had a good inch thick I said clench them but not too tight. You don't want to have the ass spread when you do this because everyone's going to see the blue. She just clenched them a little bit and it was just science."

She added: "You had to get that whole crack because you don't know where that fart is going to go." Surprisingly, a lot of thought went into getting the footage, which the duo made in the hope of going viral. Paige even researched what would make her fart more and chose tomatoes, knowing that they had made her gassy in the past.

Paige also said that she gorged on Starbucks and inhaled more air than usual, opting to drink through a straw, to make her appear more bloated and pregnant. Farting was the easy part too, after a day of gas-producing meals it only took seconds for her to fart on cue and the whole video was completed in just two takes. And they say YouTubers aren't talented?

Watch Chelcie's behind the scenes video here.

Right, it's time to come off of the internet for today – we've seen enough.