YouTube removes 14-year-old Piper Rockelle's video thumbnails for violating child safety policy

6 September 2021, 19:17

Piper Rockelle recreates famous film scenes with her boyfriend

By Katie Louise Smith

Pink previously said that Piper was being exploited by her parents, and called out Piper's mother for taking bikini photos of her.

YouTube have reportedly removed three thumbnails from 14-year-old Piper Rockelle's YouTube videos for violating the platform's child safety policy.

Last week, singer Pink called out Rockelle and her mother over images of the young teenager in a bikini. In a tweet, Pink wrote: "How many kids like Piper Rockelle are being exploited by their parents? And at what point do the rest of us say, 'this isn’t okay for a 13 yr old to be posing in a bikini whilst her MOTHER takes the photo?!?!'"

Piper later clapped back, telling TMZ: "The first thing I want everyone to know is that my mom doesn’t make me do anything. Quite the opposite. I’m a kid who had a dream, and my mom is amazing enough to help me live it out."

The comments have caused a stir on social media, leading many people to argue that Piper's content is inappropriate for her age.

Now, Insider have reported that three of Piper Rockelle's video thumbnails have been removed by YouTube.

YouTube removes three thumbnails from Piper Rockelle's videos
YouTube removes three thumbnails from Piper Rockelle's videos. Picture: Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images, @piperrockelle via Instagram

After being asked by Insider if Piper's thumbnails violated the platform's policies, YouTube confirmed to the publication that they had removed three images from Piper's account.

YouTube pulled the thumbnails on videos called, 'My Boyfriend Reacts to Fashion Nova Swimsuit Haul **BODY SHAMING PRANK**,' 'MY BOYFRIEND WALKED IN ON ME,' and 'Wearing A Hot Outfit Then Leaving Him! **Cute Reaction**.'

The original thumbnail for the Fashion Nova video, which was screenshot in a tweet by Insider reporter Kat Tenbarge, included an image of Piper wearing a pink bikini and covering herself with her arms.

YouTube's Child Safety Policy cites that users are not allowed to post content if it sexualises minors, involves harmful or dangerous acts involving minors, inflicts emotional distress on minors or exposes minors to mature themes, violence or obscenities.

One example that YouTube does not allow is videos "featuring minors involved in provocative, sexual, or sexually suggestive activities, challenges and dares".

Shortly after Pink called the YouTuber and her mother out, Piper told Today that she doesn't think that there is anything "wrong with [14-year-olds] being in a bikini". She continued: "Why do we shame people for that? Pictures of teenagers in bikinis having fun are not sexual. They’re only sexual if you view us that way."

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