BBC Three's Vlogger Documentary Proves Traditional Media Is Finally Getting It

2 February 2016, 11:49 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09


By Victoria Pavlova


On Monday (1 Feb) BBC Three aired its latest documentary on The Internet. This one was centred specifically on bloggers and wow, do we have thoughts.

First of all, the whole shebang was hosted by Jim Chapman, which was a fantastic choice. Besides being an adorable smol bean, Jim's vlogging roots go way back. His sisters, under the name Pixiwoo, have been in the YouTube makeup game since 2006 and he joined in 2011. Jim has an insider PoV, but still makes that YouTube thingamabobber accessible to anyone who hasn't spent the past decade on it.

Samantha Maria's segment on domestic abuse was the first moment that made us pause.

Sammi, aka Beauty Crush, discussed her choice to veer off her typical lifestyle and beauty videos and talk about her experience in an abusive relationship. Sharing so much of her life online made her uncomfortable, but she chose to keep the video, because it was helpful to her fans in a similar position. It was a vulnerable moment and it really highlighted the importance of the fan-creator relationship on YouTube.


We've had some fangirl moments over Tyler Oakley here on PopBuzz, but his segment last night just had us clutching our teddy bears. It's not often that we get to see such a low-key, exposed version of our fave creator. He chatted with Jim over coffee, revealed his struggles with identity, family stuff and his creative drivers. We're definitely making this one quote into a poster, by the way. 

Everybody wants to be seen, and heard, and understood (...) I think the basis of anybody making content and sharing it is wanting the other person on the receiving end to be like "I get you. I see you."

Tyler Oakley

Ingrid Nilsen's part had a similar vibe.

It focused on the community Ingrid has built by being open and genuine in her videos. Summing up the point of vlogging, she said:

You break down these walls and because you're giving more of yourself, you get more back.

Ingrid Nilsen

We may or may not have cried when we watched our fave go back to her coming out video, but by the time she was talking to volunteers from the LA LGBT Centre, we were already high-fiving a million angels.

Thankfully, the doc didn't ignore the recent scandals of sexual abuse, harassment and ill-advised "pranks" that have been plaguing the community.

Jim spoke to blogger, sex educator and hero Laci Green and other creators like Lex Croucher, Rhett and Link and TomSka and the segment ended on a rather hopeful note. Those were the highlights, although the doc covered a whole range of issues at the forefront of the community. We kind of loved it.

What do you think? In case you missed it, Rise of the Superstar Vloggers is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.