ATTENTION: Sam Pepper Has LEFT The Internet

22 February 2016, 11:45 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Sam Pepper
Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

So long? Farewell?

Ladies and Gentlemen, the time is upon us. Crops have been replenished and water is running through the village once again for Sam Pepper has left the internet. On Sunday 21st February, Sam changed all of his social media account profile pictures and banners to black, and wiped all his channels of content.

Sam Pepper Screenshots

Back in November, we asked the question - Is It Time To Delete Sam Pepper From The Internet? - and almost 3 months later, he's just answered it for us. It all happened after Sam posted a video that would be the final straw in his problematic YouTube career. After a hacking threat and a promise to delete his online presence if someone put £1.5 million into his bank account, Sam has seemingly left the building. 

So what has lead him to finally make the bold decision about his life and career?

Many people, including YouTubers Evan Edinger and Lily Melrose have their reservations and suspicions about Pepper's actions, calling it a potential prank or "social experiment". It's important to note that Sam has not deleted his tweets - over 10k remain with only one visible. His videos have been privated, not deleted. His Instagram posts have, however, been deleted. 

While many agree that it’s finally time he took a step back from social media, it’s very concerning that Sam, who seemed to be so insistent on continuing to "create" after all the negative commentary, has just left the internet with such a loaded tweet. Ever since "The Murder Prank" video, social media has not held back with their comments toward Sam and the majority of the replies in light of Sam's "I Give Up" tweet are just as heinous as the YouTuber's own actions. Cheering and celebrating over what might be a cry for help is horrible, and is never acceptable to be quite honest.

As of right now, there has been no explanation of Sam's actions. If this is serious, then we only wish Sam gets the help and support he needs. But if it's another prank, then it might just be the worst thing he has ever done.