Sam Pepper Has Made Some Strong Allegations About The Marina Joyce Drama

27 July 2016, 10:55 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Sam Pepper Marina Joyce
Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

If true, this is actually kinda sad.

As you may have already heard, last night (27 July) fans of vlogger Marina Joyce became increasing concerned with her out-of-character behaviour. 

Suspicions were raised four days ago when Marina uploaded a video to her YouTube channel in which she looked dazed and not her usual spritely self.

This was followed by some bizarre tweets posted late last night inviting her followers to a "party" at 6.30am the next morning in Bethnal Green, East London. Not long after that, #SaveMarinaJoyce started trending on Twitter and a incoherent, rambling list of concerns about Marina in other videos also started making its way round the internet.

Fans started messaging Marina, asking if she was ok. But it got more complicated when Marina started favouriting tweets involving wild rumours about herself, ranging from kidnapping to the involvements of terrorist groups. This only added fuelled to the fire.

This morning, Marina tweeted that she was ok, 10 hours after #SaveMarinaJoyce started trending.

Marina Joyce tweet


So why did Marina let this happen?

Well an unlikely source of information came from controversial blogger Sam Pepper. He tweeted that "Anyone who knows Marina personally knows she has a serious drug addiction problem. She needs help but in the form of rehab #SaveMarinaJoyce"



It's worth noting that Marina was one of a number of YouTubers who accused Sam Pepper of predatory sexual behaviour in November 2013, and any comments on another person's mental health should always be taken with a bit of caution. However, considering Marina's erratic behaviour, this theory could potentially shed some light on what happened in the last 24 hours. 

Aside from the accusation of drug use, it's particularly troubling that when fans came to Marina directly with their concerns, she chose to favourite those tweets - which could be interpreted as confirmation of the rather extreme accusations of kidnapping - rather than openly discrediting them (which she eventually did 10 hours later...)

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